Advantages Of Using WordPress As Content Management System

by WP Creative on 2015 October | Posted in WordPress

advantage of WordPress as CMS

WordPress was started as a blogging tool but now it is used as a content management system as well. Simply, content management system (CMS) makes easy managing your content in a structured way. This also allows you to add, retrieve, modify, delete and update the content effortlessly and speedily. WordPress is one of the most popular content management systems and there are lots of advantages using WordPress as a CMS. Some of the advantages are described within this article.

Advantages of using WordPress as content management system:

Free to use

CMS WordPress is free to use and you can download the complete WordPress software application without any charges. You can host on your own domain as well, which does not require any charge for a software license.

Lots of free plugins available

WordPress plugin makes your WordPress site functional. You can find various WordPress plugins without any charges. Make use of those plugins for better user experiences. This plugin will also help to expand your WordPress website along with integrating your site with various social media channels.


WordPress along with other plugins, it also consists of various SEO plugins that help you to enhance SEO. So, developing your website in WordPress, CMS will boost your traffic and improve ranking on the page of search engine counting Google.

Effortless to use

Content management system WordPress does not require any technical as well as programming skills to use of manage. When WordPress is installed and configured properly, you can simply manage with a simple interface and a menu that requires no web skill. So, if you are good at using Microsoft word, then you can manage the content of WordPress site easily.

WordPress is powerful

The different types of frameworks provided by WordPress are very flexible and easy to use. The main philosophy includes keeping core code light and fast with rich frameworks, allowing the increasing community of WordPress designer and developer to expand the work done by WordPress along with applications to improve plugin and theme that lets you change an appearance directly and feel your complete website within a few mouse clicks.

Themes allow you to design your website

Content management system WordPress benefits you with lots of themes allows you to design your website without any charges. You can make an attractive and beautiful website from an existing theme and customise it as well. As the themes are open source, you can also purchase or download them and update them as per your wish.

WordPress is secure

It is very simple to protect WordPress website. You can simply do it by adding up the plugin and updating it. When a new version is out, CMS WordPress provides you with an easy link through which you can simply perform a one-click upgrade.

WordPress sites are handy and easily accessible

WordPress are mostly developed using simple and accessible technology. So, it works well on every platform either Windows or Linux servers. So, creating a website in WordPress makes your site easily available and handy.
These are advantages of using WordPress as a content management system. WordPress is one of the most popular content management systems. It is preferred by many business proprietors along with designers and developers. Search engine Google also supports WordPress CMS as it consists of lots of SEO- friendly plugins.

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