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by WP Creative on 2015 October | Posted in WordPress

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One of Popular Content management system (CMS) WordPress is preferred by most of the businesses. It has become a most popular platform to develop online presence of your business. If you have developed your web presence using WordPress CMS, you might have important information related to your company within it. If the information gets lost due to some technical error, you may face a huge loss in your business or your business might not run properly. So, to make your business out of loss, backup your WordPress website today. If you are getting trouble on backing up your site, then this article is for you. Through this article, I will provide you proper guidance to backup your WordPress website.

Find here some of the ways to backup your WordPress website:

Backup the WordPress files manually

WordPress directory consists of different types of subfolders namely WP-content, WP-includes and so on; moreover, it also contains files like WP-config.php, theme and plug-in file desired by WordPress website. You should not lose these data as WP-admin contains each and every file needed by your WordPress admin part. It is the main folder where every main WordPress codes are situated. You definitely face a  trouble, if you lose this code. Thus, to produce a copy of your WordPress file, you have to download the complete WordPress directory by logging to the server through a cPanel or make use of the program like FileZilla or Transmit.

Backup through cPanel

Simple ways to backup your WordPress website through cPanel:

1. Login to the web host and find the way to cPanel

2.  Go to File Manager which leads you towards your home directory or public_html

3.  Then, locate your WordPress directory, the folder you desire to backup

4. Sadly you are unable to download WordPress folder with a File Manager devoid of compressing it. Do not worry; you can easily compress the folder

5. Go to WordPress directory and choose compress which is in menu bar otherwise you can also right-click the folder and select compress from drop down menu option

6. You can select the compression type available namely ZIP, Tar, GZIP and so on from the dialog box

7. After that, click on the button of compression file and wait till the procedure runs and the server will start  saving your compressed WordPress folder

8. Hit the archive button and select Download from the menu

9. Find the protected location within your hard disk for the backup

10. Finally, Your information is secured

Use FTP to backup Your WordPress file

FileZilla can be handy to backup your WordPress file using FTP, as it contains lightweight and is simple to utilise. You just need to login on your server and place WordPress directory and download the file to your computer. For this procedure, you need to create an FTP account, in order to use FTP as it is simple to set up through FTP manager within cPanel.

Plan for a regular backup

Regular backup helps will keep you away from the problem which may arise due to loss of important files and information. Thus, you need to plan for a regular backup. WordPress plugin Backupbuddy can be helpful backing up regularly. So, through this plug-in, you can backup your file weekly or daily as you desire.

Backing up your file within a WordPress website helps you to acquire the files and data again if it gets lost. So make proper use of these tips and backup your file today. This benefits your business from the loss of valuable data and information.

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