A Beginner’s Guide to developing a WordPress website

by Sujata Shrestha on 2016 August | Posted in WordPress

Developing WordPress website

WordPress counts in the most popular platform and is used by 59.5% of all the websites whose content management system we are familiar with. This indicates WordPress website occupies 26.6% of all websites.

Due to its huge popularity, there is the prosperity of WordPress web development inspiration and tutorials available online. They help you to get grips with CMS.

Are you looking forward developing WordPress website?

Time is precious for everyone. And, to save your precious time, I have compiled some handy guide creating a WordPress website. The complete guide will help to get your website up and running.

You are in a great place to start if you are a complete beginner or an individual with little experience stepping ahead to fill with proper WordPress web development knowledge and expertise.

develop WordPress website

Follow these guide to developing WordPress website:

1. Start with a domain name

The domain name illustrates your website to wide-ranging users.
Picking up a domain name might be challenging, particularly thinking about the top tips for domains always comprise keeping it short and simple to type.

 Distinguish between WordPress.com and WordPress.org
If you are new to this, you may be puzzled on the dissimilarity between WordPress.com and WordPress.org.

To clear this up, let us begin with what WordPress is.  Well, Content management System WordPress is an open source platform and can be used free of cost.

WordPress.org is the key location for the WordPress web development venture. You can download it, look at the documentation, and solve the queries in the forums and more.

WordPress.com includes the service that provides websites that function on WordPress. You can sign up for a free account and get a completely running website. You can only use a WordPress.com sub-domain aussiedeveloper.wordpress.com. Yet, there is the least constraint for newbie users.

So, research them properly and go with the one that favours all your business necessities.

Are you picking up Hosting package properly?
Picking a hosting package can be easier said than done, even for experienced veterans of the internet. You need to think about lots of things while dealing with hosting package properly. The one you choose will rely on your website’s requirement and your budget.

2. How to install WordPress?

If you are a new user, you might be amazed to know WordPress is also well-admired for its ease of installation feature. Most of the finest WordPress web hosting agency facilitates you to install WordPress within some clicks.

In most situations, to install WordPress is an easy procedure that can be done instantly.

If you enclose well organised WordPress host, you will be capable doing it filling up a form. It also relies on your the type of your account, you may also include any kind of WordPress installation to the account.

Besides, you will have you have a couple of preference with VPS account and they are one click installation and manual installation.  You can also get  WordPress installation tools to reduce the work.

3. Choose the best theme for WordPress site

Most of the newbie WordPress developers might feel hectic when it comes to picking up a theme for their WordPress website. There are tonnes of free and premium options. All of these themes look healthier than the other.

Consider these points before you decide on theme for WordPress website

Should complement the content of your website

WordPress is used to develop all types of websites. That is the main reason why each theme outfits to a various marketplace.

The WordPress theme you pick up should favour the content of your website.

For an instance, if you are developing a blog on some environment issues, then you look for the theme that develops readability.

Comes with customisation

Most of the WordPress web development themes accompany with lots of customisation choice.

If not coded correctly, these choices can make it complicated for you to update themes or use other WordPress plugins.

Good-looking WordPress theme can slow down your website

Do not only rely on the looks as good-looking WordPress themes make your website extremely slow. No one admires slow websites, mainly Google, which favour ranking websites higher quickly.

Your theme is the face of your WordPress website and holds an important role in how audiences and search engines make out.

  • Attempt for simplicity

Most of the WordPress themes complement with tonnes of colours, complex layouts, flashy animations and more. Sometimes you may require those things, but in most situations, you do not really require all that. Just go for simplicity.

  • Responsive web design is a must

Responsive themes complement their design across various screen sizes and devices.

A major number of website traffic is made from mobile and other handheld devices. Corresponding to your website’s information, the number can increase above 50% of your traffic.

Google demonstrates mobile-friendly sites on top in their mobile search results. In spite of your website’s subject and focus, every website should be responsive and completely mobile-friendly.

Most of the WordPress themes are mobile-friendly by default. Yet there are some vendors who come with fixed width layouts that are not mobile compatible at all. Ensure the theme you pick up for your website fits on the screen of the device your customer holds.


Go for browser-friendly themes

There are lots of browsers and your users might be using different browsers. Your theme may look great on your browser, but the similar theme might not support or work in your user’s browser.

This is where browser-friendly theme gets in. Most WordPress theme developers analyse their themes carefully employing complicated browser-friendly testing tools.

They may without a doubt talk about it on their website. But if they do not, then you also can receive some basic tests to analyse the theme on various browsers such as Google Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari and more. Do not neglect mobile browsers as well.

Supported plugins

WordPress plugins give life to the WordPress website making it functional. It also allows you to do anything with your website.

There are tonnes of WordPress plugins. Some are obligatory WordPress plugins for each website, such as Gravity Forms, Yoast SEO, W3 Total Cache, and more.

Be sure the WordPress theme you pick up favours all well-liked plugins. If you are not sure, ask WordPress theme developer before deciding on the themes.

WordPress page builder

WordPress plugin Page Builder allows creating page layouts with drag and drops user interface.

Decide on the theme that comes with one of the most used Page builder plugins.

Also, you can buy these page-builders independently to use with other themes too.

SEO-friendly themes

WordPress theme has a vital role in your website’s SEO friendliness. A stunning theme produces weakly coded HTML. This can influence the presentation of your websites on the page of search engine.

It can be troubling for beginners to evaluate the theme source code. Here, most of the premium WordPress theme developers allow you to understand that they have SEO-friendly pages.

Also, never miss a chance to check if the page produces proper HTML5 by evaluating it with W3C Markup Validation service.

4. Recommended WordPress plugins

There are thousands of plugins available and you might be confused to go for the right one. Here, I will be listing out some great WordPress plugins that you can install without any confusion.

These plugins enclose different features, some protect your WordPress site, and most of them are great to display the contents.

Let’s go for it:

Backup and restore Dropbox

Your data is every essential and lost or misplaced of those data might create great problems in your business. Backup and restore dropbox comes to your help. It makes a complete backup of Web Page at Local Storage and helps to upload to the Dropbox.


  • Limitless Dropbox backups
  • Limitless Dropbox restores
  • Develop the complete Backup of Web Page and also store it at website’s Local Storage
  • Hold up backup on “Low Memory” Hosting or Server

WordPress plugin Backup and restore dropbox


If you work on the blog, then you might know the importance of a contact form. There are lots of WordPress form plugins available and you find WPForms as the most compatible

WordPress contact form for both experienced and beginners. WPForms is one of the best plugins for beginners.


  • Fully responsive
  • Online form builder
  • Pre-built form templates
  • Spam protection
  • File Uploads
  • Smart Form verification
  • Multiple-page forms

WordPress plugin WPForms

All in one SEO pack

One of the most popular WordPress plugins all in one SEO pack optimises your WordPress blog for SEO.

After you install the plugin, you can set tonnes of Meta information for your website and the individual posts.

Also, you are allowed to preview the appearance of a page in Google results and other imperative bits and pieces that go into optimising content.


  • Automatically informs search engines such as Google and Bing regarding the updates to your site
  • Highly developed Canonical URLs
  • Google Analytics support
  • Creates META tags automatically
  • XML Sitemap support
  • Compatible with other WordPress plugins

WordPress plugin All in one seo pack

Floating social bar

One of the best social media plugins for WordPress Floating Social bar lets you increase your social media visibility devoid of any impact on your website speed.


  • Ease to use
  • Simple and quick
  • Best social media plugin
  • Unlimited Support

WordPress plugin Floating social bar

W3 total cache

Caching speeds up a website significantly by providing static pages rather than the dynamic ones.

The most well-liked and high-performance W3 Total Cache comes with the best out of your WordPress site.


  • Compatible with shared hosting, virtual private and other dedicated servers
  • Mobile-friendly
  • Caching of object on disk or in memory
  • Improved user experience

WordPress plugin W3 Total Cache


WordPress plugin Jetpack is rich with features that occupy more space compared WordPress itself. This is not an issue as it offers some fully great functionality.

From contact forms to social sharing buttons to enhanced gallery, Jetpack provides a great range of features.


  • Traffic increase and insights
  • Security
  • Image Performance
  • Centralised management
  • Unlimited support

WordPress plugin Jetpack

5. WordPress security

Keeping the data and information of your company secured is essential.

Hackers always go after the way to least conflict. They just wait for some simple fault and do not miss a single chance to exploit.

To make your site safe from those hackers, follow these guidelines:

  • Keep WordPress and each plugin and theme updated
  • Use strong passwords, and update your passwords in every couple of month

If you go along these guidelines, you will detour 99% of all effort on your WordPress website. For the remaining 1%, you can use other techniques getting the help of internet and experienced WordPress experts.

6. Importance of google analytics

You might be eager to know how your user interacts with your web solution. It is one of an important component of your successful business.

The finest way to be familiar with your audience is through the traffic and Google Analytic comes to your help as well.

Google analytics lets you keep track of users exploring your website. It also solves your queries on the geographical location of your users and the browser used by them to explore your website along with other essential information.

These types of data are the key component of a successful business. Also, it helps in different ways.

While working on a custom design, you can use these to assure your website will be well-matched with your users.

Google analytics for WordPress website

Wrapping up,

If you desire to develop an ideal website in a quick instance of time, WordPress is always there to favour your requirement. Follow the above guides properly and makes the website that corresponds to your business needs.

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