Best Security Plugins for Your WordPress Website in 2021

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With each passing day, the challenge of securing your online assets is getting tougher. Cybercriminals are finding new ways to hack websites, and network intrusion cases are on the rise, especially of websites that are on weak hosting providers.

In this article, we tackle the security challenge by discussing what plugins you can use to secure your WordPress website in 2021.

But before we get to that part, first we must discuss the WordPress security paradigm. For starters, WordPress is as secure as it can get. The content management platform (CMS) by default is fully secure and doesn’t offer any loopholes or backdoors for hackers. It is actively developed and patched. The proof of this is available by the security patches that are released every year by WordPress.

WordPress security structure is designed in this way:

  1. The WordPress admin panel is available through a single dashboard
  2. WordPress can’t be accessed through any other folder
  3. cPanel can be accessed through FTP or SSH only
  4. WordPress database is not accessible using database queries. So SQL injection won’t work
  5. CDN can be used to keep the website secure from DDoS attacks
  6. Login limits can be added to limit Brute Force attacks

So, by default WordPress architect is securely designed. However, there can always be loopholes that hackers can use to gain entry. To keep them at bay, here are some security plugins that you can use for your WordPress website.

1. Sucuri

First on our list is Sucuri, an industry leader when it comes to WordPress security. It offers basic security scans for free users and advanced scans with fixes for paid users. The plugin also offers free basic protection such as a security firewall, CDN, and login attempts. However, with the paid package, Sucuri can be turned into a security blanket for your WordPress website.

It easily blocks malicious attacks and brute force attempts to gain entry to your website. Also, it blocks all forms from showing URLs in the browser to avoid SQL injection attempts.
It also blocks traffic that can cause problems for your website through malware filtering and controls. You would not need any other tool if you have a Sucuri plugin available.

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2. WordFence

WordPress doesn’t offer a scanning feature by default for user websites. This void was filled by WordFence, a security plugin that not only scans a website for malware and viruses but also offers built-in firewalls. It has a DNS level firewall to keep hackers at bay, and a CDN to limit DDoS attacks on the website. WordFence is a great application for anyone that is concerned about security breaches and looking for a quality application to get these issues fixed.

3. iThemes Security

iThemes Security is another security plugin for WordPress that users can use to improve site security. For starters, iThemes security was designed to work with iThemes themes, however, it is now actively used by users of other WordPress themes. It limits login attempts, adds DDoS protection, offers a malware scanner, and a security firewall to limit IP addresses from connecting to the WordPress website.

iThemes security plugin is not the best when it comes to security hardening but it definitely works. Those who are looking for a free solution to secure their WordPress websites can definitely get help from the iThemes security plugin.

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4. All in One WP Security

WordPress security solutions include firewalls, login limits, IP filtering, file integrity monitoring, role monitoring, and SQL injection protection. Fortunately, these are all the issues that the All in One WP Security plugin can fix. The plugin offers basic security through firewalls and login attempts. It also secures the website against database injections through URL masking. Moreover, the plugin offers file integrity by offering user-level roles. It also offers a complete website lockdown in case of an attack. The WordPress website only allows a single IP address for connection in such a case and all data of the user remains safe and secure. You will have to blacklist IP addresses though because the pattern in itself is not secure.

5. Anti-Malware Security

Anti-malware security plugin does what its name suggests. It offers protection against malware and viruses through pattern detection, brute-force prevention, and limits backdoor entries. The plugin allows users to create a free account and access the latest malware definitions. This will allow them to protect their sites against malware and brute force attacks. The plugin also guarantees that the sites can’t be turned into slaves because of blockage or ratting activities. It has an automatic filter to detect if the security of websites is an issue.
Since the plugin is completely developer-friendly, users can use this plugin to improve site security and customize it to their needs.

6. WPScan Security

WPScan is a great security plugin for store owners and bloggers that would like to stay out of the vulnerability net. The plugin WPScan offers automated daily scans to secure user data. It does that by checking the core version of the website, offers automated site scans, and API-level security, and sends email notifications for any activity detected on your website.
WPScan is not just a virus and malware scanner for WordPress websites as it also offers a filtering proxy for users who would like to whitelist IP addresses that can get connected to the site’s server.

7. BulletProof Security

Another great plugin for WordPress site security is the BulletProof security plugin. It offers simple security functionalities to keep your data secure. For beginners, BulletProof security offers malware scan and firewall, database backups, login protection and limits, idle session logouts, email notifications for site security, a setup wizard to manage it all.

The best part about BulletProof Security is that this plugin is completely free for users.

Which Security Plugin to Use for WordPress?

The question that you all would be asking is which security plugin to use for your WordPress website, Right? Well, you can select any security plugin available that you think will work for you. All of these plugins have one thing in common, they protect you against DDoS, SQL injections, Bruteforce, malware, trojans and viruses, and ratting. So, if your goal is complete site protection, then all of these plugins are a great way to make your WordPress website secure.

With that said, All in One Security and Sucuri are two premium plugins that you could choose for better security. If you are just looking to get started with security implementation, then it would be better to start with a free plugin like BulletProof security and see how that works for you.

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