A Complete Guide to Design a WordPress Website

by WP Creative on 2017 February | Posted in Wordpress Design

Beginners guide to wordpress

WordPress was launched in 2003 and has become the most popular CMS since its establishment. Till 2016, WordPress is used by about 27% of the websites around the world.

Since you are here to learn a guide for creating a WordPress website, we hope you are familiar with this CMS.

WordPress stands as a powerful platform to create a website with the simple steps to follow. Anyone can easily manage the website with a knowledge of using a computer. You can certainly get many online tutorials on the web development.

Starting with this famous CMS is not tough as you might think. It’s easy to learn and kick off your first web page.

Here, I tried to pick up all the steps to design a WordPress website. Let’s go through it.

First Step: Choose a suitable Domain Name and Host for your website

Domain Name acts like your personal or business name. It is an identity for your website so it must be simple and catchy to memorise. You may find many web hosting providers easily but searching a good web hosting provider is a kind of a headache. So you can try Nirmal Web Studio for domain registration. Another important point is that you must host your website by yourself. This will help your website to load faster.

Domain name usually has the form: YourName.com / YourBusinessName.com / YourCompanyName.org

Web hosting may differ in wordpress.com and wordpress.org. You may get confused with this. So, let’s see their differences.

WordPress.com is a service to run WordPress website. You can sign up for a free account and get full functionality of your website. However, your domain name seems to be Yoursite.wordpress.com. Using wordpress.com, you don’t have to pay for hosting your site.

WordPress.org is the main location for the WordPress software. You must host your site by paying to a web hosting provider for your domain name. You can easily download it, access documentation and ask questions in a forum to solve your problem.

Second Step: Install WordPress

Next step is to install WordPress on your computer. For installation, your computer system requires:

  • web server: XAMPP/lamp/wamp
  • database: MySQL, Microsoft SQL server
  • PHP compatibility
  • browser support


  1. If you have a local server in your personal computer now its turn to download the zip file of WordPress and extract the downloaded folder.


  1. Create a new database with database_name:”WordPress”, username:”root” and password:”” on a server. Upload downloaded folder into your web server/localhost.
  1. Open your browser and navigate to your WordPress path. As: localhost/<wordpress_folder>. Your browser will load this page:

Choose your language and click on “Continue”.

  1. You’ll see a message to make a configuration file. Click on “Let’s go””. Then, you’ll reach on this page.

Fill the fields with your database information:

Database Name – WordPress

User Name – as in database

Password – as in database

Now, click on “Submit””.

  1. Once your database confirms your provided information, you’ll see the next page.

Click on “Run the install””.

  1. Now, you’ll see the WELCOME page.

Fill this page with the required information.

Site Title: Enter title of your website.

Username: Enter a username to login.

Password, twice: Enter password two times.

Your E-mail: Enter your validate e-mail for password recovery or any update.

Privacy: Tick checkbox if you want to be indexed by search engine.

Now, click on “install WordPress” after you’re done.

  1. After successful installation, you’ll reach to the next page as:

Enter “Log In” to enter your dashboard.

  1. Then, you’ll see the Admin Panel to log in.

Enter username and password as you set and click on “Log In””. You are now ready to craft your WordPress website.

After successful login, you need to update different settings.

  • Change the default Admin Login
  • Change the Title, Tagline, and Time Zone
  • Change your Permalink Structure
  • Design and upload your Favicon
  • Delete the default content of WordPress

Third Step: Select the best theme

Now, you will have easy access to all the free themes and paid themes. Use them to build your website.

Just go to the sidebar in the dashboard, then Apperance>Themes.

You can easily download any theme of your choice. But, if you download paid one, then you can access more functionality and customised your website uniquely.

To use a theme of your choice, click on “Install” followed by “Activate”.

Choosing the best theme is not enough for the efficiency of a website. There are various factors behind it.

Fourth Step: Add your Content

Content is a basic factor of any website. So, go quickly with adding your content.

  1. Adding a new page
  • Look for “Pages” in a sidebar
  • Click “Add New”
  • Click “Update” to save your changes
  1. Adding a new page on the menu
  • Look for “Appearance” in a sidebar
  • Click “Menus”
  • Add this menu to your page by clicking the checkbox next to it and then “Add to Menu
  1. Adding a new post
  • Look for “Posts” in a sidebar
  • Click “Add New”

Once you have finished with your blog, you must assign it to a category that you had created.

Fifth Step: Installation of Recommended Plugins

The plugin is simply a software to extend the functionality of the existing system. So, in WordPress, we may find 1000+ plug-in to support its functionality. Among them, we have to choose suitable plug-ins that meet our site’s purpose. Some of the essential WordPress plug-ins are:

  1. WordPress Cache Plug-in
  2. WordPress Security Plug-in
  3. WordPress Database Plug-in
  4. WordPress Social Media Plug-in
  5. WordPress SEO Plug-in

For your efficiency, you can share your problems on WordPress forum and quickly solve your problems.

Wrapping up

Creating a website is not a joke. It takes lots of hard work and time.

If you have the enthusiasm to do something, you’ll put all your efforts to accomplish it. So, if you want to have your own website just don’t wait for a company or agency to build it. Today’s technology has made our life more comfortable in various ways.

So, guys learn the world’s most easiest WordPress platform on your own and hit the world with your creativity.

If you think, I have missed anything important, you can surely suggest me in the comment section.

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