WP Creative Design Process

  • Research & Scoping
    Our first step in designing your website is to get to know your business. We kick off the process with a workshop where we map out your business objectives, target audience and key value proposition. We then draw up wireframes of the pages you require to get the right information to the right people in a compelling and sophisticated way.
    At the end of this planning stage, you will have a sitemap, customer journey map and rough sketches of all your key webpages.
  • UX Strategy
    Once we have devised the architecture of your new website, we then draw up professional wireframes of main pages like the Homepage, Services, About, Contact and any additional templates needed. This is critical to showing you the exact layout of your website before we move onto designing the look and feel of your site.
    You will have the opportunity to revise the wireframes at this stage, including up to three rounds of revisions. At the end of this stage, you will be able to visualise the layout of your new website and move onto the UI design phase, where we bring to life your site with colour and imagery. If you are still working on your web content, we will add placeholders (dummy text) which will be replaced at a later stage.
  • UI Design
    Once the wireframes are ready, we will prepare a web style guide that outlines parameters for colour, graphics and other design elements to ensure that all designers and developers maintain consistency when representing your brand online. During this stage, you will receive the actual design of your website with colour and images. We generally upload the design prototype into InvisionApp for you to view and navigate artwork and provide us with the feedback. You will have the opportunity to make two rounds of changes on the UI design.
  • User Stories
    The next step in our process is to document in detail how each component of your design will pan out once the final website is live. We will specify how all elements will be built during the development phase and which elements can be altered in the future through the backend system. This documentation will also act as a reference for developers to code the website so that the final website perfectly supports your business needs.
  • Coding & Development
    The next step is to start building your website using leading technologies like HTML5, CSS3, and Javascript. Once we test the static layouts in different smart devices for responsiveness, we then integrate the new designs with the latest version of WordPress CMS and populate the content. During this stage, we can provide you with a staging server link to view the progress of your website in real-time.
    See our dev standards here.
  • QA & Testing
    When the website is ready we will mirror the site in a development environment. Our team then tests the site across multiple browsers (latest versions of Firefox, Chrome, Safari and Microsoft Edge) and devices (iPhone and Android). Once the website is ready for your review, we will send you a staging server link for final review. Generally, we provide two feedback rounds either on Trello or Google Sheet during the final testing phase. Rest assured, any errors that arise through this testing period will be fixed prior to launch.
  • Go Live
    Once your website is tested and ready to go live, we will set up redirection of your current URL to your new URL (if applicable) to retain your SEO value. We will also optimise your website for SEO, page speed and security. Once we have completed our internal checklist for ‘go live’, we will upload the website on the live server.
  • Handover
    As part of our website handover process, we will provide a manual to guide you in updating and maintaining your website moving forward.
  • Maintenance and ongoing support
    All of our websites come with a 30-day warranty should any problems arise. We will remedy all defects in the website by either repair or modification, whichever is required.
    We can look after ongoing software updates, general maintenance for your website, keeping it running smoothly and up-to-date when you sign up for one of our Website Care Packages.

Also, see website design and development terms and conditions here.