WP Creative Dev Process

  • Initial planning
    We plan meetings with you to get your requirements and meet expectations. Through our refined development process, we collect all the essential specifications like designs, functionality, and integrations. We collaborate on Google Doc and send you the proposal with all the details once the requirement is finalised. The proposal contains a detailed process, cost, and turnaround time. Please note that the quote of your project varies according to the specifications and design files. Turnaround time of this process is usually 2-3 days.
  • User stories
    The next step is to write down User Stories defining how each component of your design will pan out once the final website is live. We will specify how all elements will be built during the development phase and which elements can be altered in the future through the backend system. This documentation will also act as a reference for developers to code the website so that the final website perfectly supports your clients business needs.
  • Coding, Development & Testing
    Considering your specifications, our team starts the coding process using tools like HTML5, CSS3, and Javascript. After completion, we test the static layouts on the latest versions of WordPress CMS, Firefox, Chrome, Safari and Microsoft Edge. We also test on mobile devices like Android, and iPhone to check the responsiveness. Once the website is ready for UAT, we will send you a staging server link for final review. We can either use Trello Board or Google Sheets for feedback and revisions.
    See our dev standards here.
  • Go Live
    Once the website is completed, we will provide you with a manual to populate the content and maintain the website moving forward. Once the website is ready to go live, we will set up redirection of current URLs to the new URL to retain your SEO value. We will also optimise the website for SEO, page speed and security. Once we have completed our internal checklist for ‘go live’, we will upload the website on the live server.
  • Maintenance and ongoing support
    All of our websites come with a 30-day warranty should any problems arise. We will remedy all defects in the website by either repair or modification, whichever is required.
    We can look after ongoing software updates, general maintenance for your website, keeping it running smoothly and up-to-date when you sign up for Website Care Packages.