15 Different Websites Using WordPress

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WordPress was initially established for a blogging purpose. But, it’s not so long that WordPress brings a vastly advanced system. Today, we can see WordPress on most of the websites.

You may be considering the possible types of the websites to create using WordPress.

We have assembled the type of the websites that can be built with WordPress CMS.

First, you have to choose a domain name and a good host company for your website. Then, install WordPress and begin your preferred website.

Blog/Personal Website


WordPress, today is a great CMS. However, its primary motive was blogging. So, now the components of Personal Website are more refined and advanced. You can find many tools and plugins to manage your Personal website.

Business Website


The website portrays an objective of the brand/company. And, WordPress is a big platform to create a professional business website. You can find many tips to start your business website on the internet.

WordPress provides you with the various themes so you can customise on your way to design a unique website. Also, you can find different plugins to enhance the features of your website.

E-Commerce Website


An E-Commerce website is trending as you can easily establish your online store using your hands and creativity. WordPress is filled with different themes and plugins to boost the feature of your site.

You can refer any of its plugins for your e-commerce website and the most popular are: WooCommerce, Easy Digital Downloads, iThemes Exchange, Shopp, and Shopify.

The plugins will simplify an online payment, international shipping, manage inventory and much more.

Q&A/Forum Website


If you are interested in creating a Question and Answer website like StackOverflow or Quora, then you are at the right place-WordPress. Yes, WordPress brings hundreds of themes and plugins to support Q&A feature. Most of the Q&A plugins support multi-language, reCaptcha, file uploads, email notification and much more.

You can create a new Q&A website or add this functionality to your existing one.

Portfolio Website


Do you want to showcase your creativity and your achievement to the world? A Portfolio website is the best way to do so and WordPress also supports this type of website. You can easily add any contents, images, and photos to make your portfolio website.

You have to use suitable WordPress themes (free and paid) and add any available plugins to enable this feature on your website. Portfolio, NextGen Gallery, and Waving Portfolio are some free WordPress plugins.

Wiki Website


Since WordPress use tags and categories to sort the contents so, you can easily design the knowledge-base website. WordPress provides many plugins to support the users to create an encyclopaedic website like Wikipedia. You can find wiki-supportive themes on WordPress.

Job Boards


Another great feature that WordPress supports is an online job board. The users can easily post jobs and organise them into different categories to cater job search for the customers. Adding this feature to your existing website will certainly increase traffic to your website as the demand of a job board is growing day by day.

Pick any suitable plugins to introduce this feature to your website.

Review Website


If you want the end users to review any kind of products or website on your website then WordPress will facilitate you to build Review website. You can easily manage and organise different categories of the review for different products. The end users prefer to visit this type of website before buying any products. So, creating a review website may be beneficial to increase your lead. You can add ads on this type of the website to increase your business.

WP Product Review Lite, Rich Reviews, Reviews and WP Review are some highly rated WordPress plugins to add review features on your website.

Photography Website


If you are a professional photographer and want to demonstrate your work through your own website, you can create an elegant looks photography website using WordPress and set all your creativity in one place. One-page web design will be more favourable for this type of website so select the suitable themes for your site.

You can see thousands of photography templates on the web for your reference.

WordPress plugins allow an easy upload of images, drag and drop feature, grid layout to display your images. You can also add videos, albums, captions, slideshows in your site. Envira Gallery, NextGen Gallery, Responsive Photo Gallery is some WordPress plugins for Photography Website.

Membership site


A Membership website is a way for easy money making business and WordPress cater you to create this type of site. You can present the unique and knowledgeable content to the customer based on their membership plan. You can ask your targeted audience about the topic by creating an online community on your site. Then, add tutorials, video courses, blogs about requested topic and make available to your users. You can easily control and manage, your users as it is an account-based website.

Simple Membership, Membership 2, Paid Memberships Pro are few highly rated WordPress Plugins to add membership functionality on the website.

News & Magazine Website


Using WordPress, you can easily organise the content of News and Magazine. Categories and Tags of WordPress simplify the user experience to classify the content and find the specified content more easily. Your website will be SEO-friendly, responsive and you can provide the quality content to your end users and lighten your online presence with WordPress.

WordPress contains a number of free and premium themes and plugins to support your News/Magazine website.

Food & Drink Website


In the competitive world, Food&Drink website will thrive your restaurant business and draw more potential customers to you. WordPress includes several themes and plugins to assist you with your first Food&Drink website. Food and Drink Menu is a popular plugin. Your website will be responsive with the elegant look of your product. You can also check out some templates on the internet before starting your website.

Podcasting Website


Do you want to start your podcasting website? WordPress is a great platform for your ease. You can start a podcast with WordPress. Many bloggers are using WordPress in their podcasting website.

WordPress includes many themes and plugins for podcasting website. Seriously simple podcasting is a popular WordPress plugin that you can use on your website.

School & College Website


Many schools and colleges are using WordPress for their official website. WordPress is safe, secure and easily manage to create a website. You can categorise the content easily. You can add many resources to make them easily available to any faculty members and students. You can perform a secure connection of your institute members and engage them in any discussion using online community on your site.

You can find many themes and plugins that support school and college website.

Non-profit/Religious Website


We all know that WordPress is a free platform. With this ease, anyone can use WordPress to create a website for donation or charitable purposes in order to help the needy. Use of WordPress donation plugin allows you to accept the online donation and keep the donation records.

You can easily find WordPress themes for a non-profit organisation and WordPress Plugins. You can see some great non-profit websites built with WordPress.

Wrapping Up,

Creating a website is not a big deal using WordPress. But, what type of website you can create is somewhat a matter to think. And, we tried to bring all the possible kinds of the websites you can create with WordPress. I hope, this article is able to answer your question.

Feel free to share your experience with us if you have created any type of the website in WordPress.

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