Why Do Digital Marketing Professionals Love WordPress?

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Digital Marketing

Digital marketers know the urgency of marketing ROI like improving organic rankings, running ads within days to generate qualified leads and increase sales.

To achieve this you need the right tools that can be executed without delay. Without the right type of Content Management System (CMS), this is not possible. That’s where WordPress comes in.

WordPress is a simple CMS platform that gives anyone the liberty to take their website up and live in almost half an hour. Whether these people know how to code or have been a non-code their whole life, they can still set up their websites with little help using drag and drop plugins, page builders, and tools.

The website they design would be second to none and look as professional as the one designed by a creative design agency after months of effort.

That’s why digital marketers LOVE WordPress so much.

Is WordPress Trustworthy?!

You bet! WordPress is known to power 40 per cent of the internet. It powers websites of CNN, The New York Times, eBay, Bloomberg, Facebook Newsroom, and even Beyonce’s website.

These are some of the most reputed websites in the world and they get millions of visits per day. If they can rely on WordPress for scalability and performance, then you can too!

With that said, let’s learn how WordPress is helping marketers in 2020.

Is WordPress Helpful for Marketers in 2020?

In 2019, WordPress introduced many new features with the WordPress 5.0 version. These features include a total revamp of the WordPress WYSIWYG tool. The classic WordPress writer was replaced with a Gutenberg writer.

The Gutenberg writer lets users design the whole page in the writing tool instead of turning to any page builder. In short, WordPress has allowed users to let go of page builders and design their pages. They can create columns, buttons, add widgets, assets, and much more.

These templates can also be saved and applied to other pages of the website.

Gutenberg Editor

Reasons Why Digital Marketers Love WordPress

Some of the most common reasons why digital marketers are in a love relationship with the WordPress CMS platform.

1. WordPress is Free

WordPress is free. This is a major turn-on for almost every marketer living on earth. Unlike Shopify, BigCommerce, Weebly, and Wix that charge money for even creating a page, WordPress allows users to host their websites for zero dollars.

The best part? Marketers can launch as many WordPress websites as they want and they still can do that for free. They will only have to pay for the hosting solution they choose. A usual hosting solution can be around $10 per month for hosting 10+ websites. Isn’t that nice?

2. WordPress Offers Tons of Customizations

WordPress caters to multiple types of users and that’s why it has many customizations available. A digital marketing agency can use WordPress to create a business website, affiliate bloggers can turn it into a blogging website, and an ecommerce store can add payment functionality to turn it into a full-fledged ecommerce store.

In short, WordPress isn’t specific to a single type of user. You can either hire a developer to create customizations to WordPress or install a page builder and make customizations to your website on your own.

Elementor Pro

3. WordPress has Plugins for Almost Anything

Another reason why marketers use WordPress is because of the variety of plugins it offers. WordPress has plugins for almost every type of issue. You want to add scripts to the header or footer?

WordPress plugins can do it for you. Do you want to add forms to your website? WordPress plugins can do it for you. You want to create attractive buttons and banners, WordPress plugins can do it for you.

In short, WordPress has plugins for almost everything that you can think of. Most of these plugins are completely free. So, even if you are tight on budget, you can install the plugins from the WordPress plugin directory and get your job done.

Not able to set up a WordPress plugin? Give us a call!

4. WordPress Makes it Easy to SEO

WordPress offers three top-quality SEO plugins including Yoast, All in One SEO, and RankMath. All these plugins are great for anyone who would like to optimize their website pages for search engines.

With these plugins, anyone with little knowledge of SEO can properly do on-page SEO without any help. They just need to know the keywords they are targeting and these plugins will guide them about the paragraphs where they should add those keywords.

These plugins can also help create meta tags, titles, and descriptions for the website with ease. Even if the website administrator misses adding meta titles to their website, these WordPress plugins remind them through indicators on the post dashboard.

Rank math plugin

5. WordPress Automatically Updates

WordPress allows users the option to automatically update itself. Most users don’t have time to automatically update themes, plugins, and the installed WordPress version.

With WordPress’s automatic updates, that is completely possible. With WordPress’s automatic updates, site administrators can work on the important stuff and let WordPress take care of the updates once and for all.

6. WordPress Offers Analytics and Tracking

Marketers need data to analyze trends and the direction in which their website is heading. Without tracking their pages, posts, and other assets, it is technically impossible for them to get data.

Many tracking plugins exist like Google Analytics, HubSpot Analytics, Hotjar heatmaps, MixPanel, FoxMetrics, and similar others that you can directly integrate with your WordPress website without tinkering with the code. That’s why marketers adore WordPress.

7. WordPress Offers Easy Migrations

Want to migrate from your current host? On a PHP based website, migrating from WordPress to another host would have been a lot difficult.

First, you had to back up everything, then replicate data on the new server, and finally configure DNS. With WordPress, you won’t have to do any such thing.

You can simply create an export file using the WordPress > Tools > Export option.

Move this file to the new WordPress installation and that is it. If you want to add images and videos, simply copy them from the wp_content folder to the new wp_content folder instance. That is it. You have successfully migrated your WordPress website.

Want to Migrate Your Website Without Breaking It? Give Us a Call!

Should You Start Using WordPress?

If you are a marketer and would like to use your website to start a digital business, then there is no better platform than WordPress. Simply launch your website in hours and start working on its growth strategy.

WordPress will assist you through the ways we described above. You can leverage it to make your business truly profitable by following the right strategies.

If you get stuck or if you are unsure how to add customizations to your website, you can always contact us for help. We offer a complete website customization package for anyone who is on WordPress.

Whether you want to improve your site design, improve site performance, or add new optimization options like landing pages, lead magnets, and more, we can do it for you!

Need help with your WordPress website? Give us a call!

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