Easy Steps To Build a WordPress Affiliate Website

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Do you think of earning money?

I bet, the answer is YES.

Because everyone dreams to earn more.

The internet is the best place to make money. Do you know, HOW?

It’s easy! Just create an affiliate website. After getting high traffic and the suitable advertising product, you’ll be blessed with money.

You might have heard that building a website using WordPress is very simple. And it is true. WordPress provides many features that simplify the web development process. You can also find a different online course to learn the basics of WordPress. Using the suitable available themes and plugins adds advanced features to the site.

Generally, starting an affiliate marketing website is hard for a novice. To help them, this article is here to present the basics of affiliate marketing.

Moreover, this article is a guide for developing a WordPress affiliate website.

About Affiliate Marketing

Let’s introduce Affiliate Marketing in a simple language. Affiliate Marketing is a process of marketing other’s product/goods and earning money digitally on a commission-based.

Here, you’ll be paid after the consumer purchases the goods. At this point, we also see a major difference between running Ads and affiliate marketing. Running ads will pay you per click on the banner whereas affiliate marketing will pay you for every product sold.

Types of Content on Affiliate Website

Affiliate Marketing can be done by using different Affiliate networks on the site. Website creation differs on its purpose. Different websites need and contain different types of content. So, what types of content can be used in an Affiliate Website?

Let’s see.


Today, many individuals have their own website/blogs. If they can employ affiliate marketing in their blog for products related to their business, they can earn money from interested customers. Writing blog posts about the products and adding corresponding affiliate links is preferred in this type of website.


Reviewing the products of others is a classic approach to making money. You have to sign up to the affiliate network to give your review. Then, review the product of your choice to influence the purchasing of potential consumers. You can also include your review and others’ reviews on your site for a better result.

Price Comparison

This is a complex type of website, however very useful for the avid shopper. This type of website provides a comparison pricing table to aid in the comparison of the goods available. You can also add reviews to add more content to the site. You’ll earn commission from the retailers for each click or site visit.

Shopping Directories

There are two different ways to make money by running shopping directories. The first includes the promotion of paid listings and another includes the selling of advertising space in your directory. Either option has its benefits, and you’ll additionally be paid for redirecting a high traffic rate to the merchant’s website.  This type of website may have a high ranking in the search engines as it contains many backlinks and keywords.


A loyalty program is popular in business these days. Loyalty programs include a reward system that can include giveaways, discount offers and “get cash back” deals. More specifically, this loyalty is provided to the user as a reward for inviting friends, writing reviews or visiting the site. Loyalty programs increase the site value and customer attention. Affiliates receive commission for redirecting customers to the desired network.


Many users prefer video content to plain text. For these types of customers, you can prepare video content including all the reliable information about the product. You can also add video tutorials to explain the steps in using certain software or types of gadgets. The publisher earns money for reviewing products or for linking affiliate networks.

Steps to Create Affiliate Website in WordPress

Creating an Affiliate Website using WordPress is simple as creating a blog. You just have to follow 5 easy steps to install WordPress and create a WordPress website. These steps include:

  • Downloading a WordPress package from the official site of WordPress
  • Picking the right Domain Name and a Hosting Provider
  • Installing a WordPress with one-click
  • Picking the suitable affiliate theme and activate it
  • Installing and Activating the essential affiliate plugins

You can refer our article A Complete Guide To Design a WordPress Website.

To activate Affiliate Marketing on the site, it’s mandatory to choose the Affiliate network. The most popular Affiliate platforms are Amazon Associates, eBay Partner Network, ShareASale, CJ Affiliate, etc.

List of Affiliate Marketing Themes

WordPress contains thousands of themes which suit all types of websites. Among them, you must choose one suitable for an Affiliate website.

For your convenience, we’ve listed some good Affiliate Marketing Themes.

Reviewgine Affiliate:


A WordPress free theme that brings an advanced review system for affiliate marketing



A theme which is suitable for various websites like daily deals, online shop, coupon-based and is compatible with WooCommerce plugins



A WordPress theme highly recommendable for creating a professional website with advanced features

Compare-Price Comparision Theme:


A WordPress theme to build a powerful Price Comparison website

List of Affiliate Marketing Plugins

Connecting a site with Affiliate platforms is viable with the use of the Affiliate Marketing Plugins. These plugins connect merchants, publishers and customers at a common point. So, let’s see some Affiliate Plugins for WordPress.

  • Affiliates: powerful plugins for automating affiliate program
  • Easy Affiliate Links: WordPress plugins to manage all affiliate links on the site
  • ThirstyAffiliates: a tool to monetize the website with affiliate marketing
  • WooCommerce: a free WordPress eCommerce plugin which is suited to a variety of websites like online shops, affiliate marketing, membership and booking, etc.

Promotion & Analysis of the Website

Creating an Affiliate website along with the relevant content is the starting point. To score high buyers’ reach, promotion of the site is important. Promotion of the site can be done by applying link building strategy, submitting the site to Google Local Business, branding via social media, email outreach, creating a logo, advanced SEO strategy and much more.

Wrapping Up

WordPress is a powerful platform for creating all types of websites, and the approach to make money with less effort has become possible with the Affiliate Website. If you’re new to WordPress, this may be a hugely beneficial start.

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