Essential Ways To Secure Your WordPress Website

by WP Creative on 2015 September | Posted in WordPress

WordPress website security

I have noticed many WordPress website proprietor worrying about their website security. Yes,

Yes, It is obvious to worry as your website holds important files and data which might put you in big trouble if you lose them.

WordPress website counts on the most popular CMS and blogging tool. Due to its popularity, many hackers are looking for a chance to get into it.

Even though WordPress contains dedicated team who reviews each line of code of core framework the security risk still arises in the WordPress. The article provides you reliable ways to secure your WordPress Website.

To make your WordPress website safe and sound, here I have mentioned some reliable ways to secure your WordPress Website. Follow me till the end and enjoy your time with the secured website.

Find here essential Ways to Secure WordPress Website:

1. Protect the login page and avoid brute force attack

You must be aware of the customary WordPress login page URL where you get access to the backend of the website. This is the main cause the user attempt to brute force their way in.

You only have to include /wp-login.php or /wp-admin/ at the last of your domain name and then you get the page. Here, I suggest for customising the URL of login Page.

Follow these points for secured login page

Go for website lockdown and banned user

One of the features, lockdown comes to your help for failed login an attempt which can solve a great issue and that is no more permanent brute force attempt. When the hacking effort occurs with the wrong passwords repeatedly, the website is locked, also you receive notification of this unauthorised movement.

 Utilise authentication factor

Are you aware of 2-factor authentication?  Well, in the login page. it counts on next security measure. Here, the user offers login information for two dissimilar elements. The website proprietor has to decide what those two includes. It might be a regular password with a code, a set of characters, secret questions and more.

Change default Username and password

If you are still using same old and default username “admin” for your website then you are creating your website more vulnerable to brute force attack. Therefore, to secure your WordPress website, you should change your default username and password and keep some strong username as well as a password.

 Update your password regularly

Go along with the WordPress website’s passwords and try to update them frequently. Get better the strength by including uppercase and lowercase letter, number, and special characters.

2. Protect your admin dashboard

For most of the hackers, admin dashboard is the engaging part of the website which is truly the most protected section among all. And, to attack the most protected area is really challenging and if succeed it gives hackers the pleasure of winning along with the entrance to make lots of harm.

To stay out of it, go for the following points:

Secure the WP-admin directory

Wp-admin is the main centre point to any WordPress site. So, when this area of your website is violated, the whole website is damaged. One of the possible ways to stay away from the issue is to secure WP-admin directory with protected password.

With this type of security measure, website proprietor might get into the dashboard by providing two passwords. One of them secures the login page and other WordPress admin page.

Utilise SSL (Secure Socket Layer) to encrypt data

Applying an SSL certificate includes the careful move to protect the admin panel.

Also, SSL makes protected data transfer between user browser and the server which is challenging for the hackers to destroy the connection or send-up your information.

 Include user accounts with carefully

If you have a WordPress blog then you must be dealing with different types of users getting in your admin panel. This may make your site more vulnerable to the protection. Here, Plugin such as Force Strong Passwords comes to help for your user, if you are willing to ensure the password they use is protected.

3. Keep your WordPress site up to date

To secure your WordPress Website, make a habit of updating WordPress version, theme and plugins into the recent version. This helps you to fix the security bug occurring from the earlier system. Thus, updating the website regularly is a wise initiative to make your website more secure.

4. Apply CAPTCHA on your WordPress Login page

Captcha helps you to carry out a super security Captcha form into web forms. It saves your sites from spam using math logic which is simply implicit by an individual. Applying a captcha to the login page of WordPress site is one of the best techniques to reduce the chance of a bot/script obtaining access within your website through a brute force attack.

5. Do not make your WordPress version number visible

You may have problems upgrading new version. At that time, do not allow hackers to identify your present versions. Since the bugs of earlier releases have been known to everyone via; it makes them easy to attack your website. Thus, do not make your WordPress version number visible.

6. Backup your WordPress site

Creating a Backup of WordPress website is an essential website protection procedure. When you keep a regular, scheduled backup of your website, you can get back your site online easily during the event of an attack.

7. Install plugins carefully

You need to be careful while installing WordPress plugins. A plugin that is weak might hold buggy codes that some additional codes or queries can be inserted or some extra destructive actions can be performed to damage your online presence along with its rankings. Thus, you need to evaluate the ratings of plugins as well as its status earlier than you install it. Moreover, at the time you update to the newest version, ensure you update WordPress plugin in an appropriate manner.

Check any hacking attempts applying wassup

Wassup refers to a WordPress plugin that is used to record particular data of every user. By making proper use of this plugin you can check any malicious actions such as code/SQL injections occurring within your website.

Wrapping Up,

You can apply some security measures to secure your WordPress website from the beginning. This helps to keep your web presence secure and online. WordPress benefits business with lots of features and flexibility. So making this site protected helps your business to run safely. Your need to choose smart WordPress developer to create a website that is protected and reliable.

Are you looking for a WordPress developer to create your online presence? If yes, Contact us. We are here to develop your WordPress website applying different security measures.

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