Five-Step Process for Monthly WordPress Development Retainers

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Let’s be honest. Website maintenance is never complete. You will need to maintain your website on a regular basis to keep it alive, happening, and prosperous.

If you stop maintaining your website, it will be as dead as the water in the Sahara in a few weeks.

So, what is the solution to that? Hiring WordPress monthly development retainers.

If you are not exactly sure what a monthly development retainer is and how it can help you scale your WordPress business, then keep reading.

In this article, we discuss WordPress development retainers and the complete process to keep one on a monthly basis.

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What is WordPress Monthly Development Retainers?

A monthly development retainer is someone or some agency that you keep on a monthly pay per basis. In simple terms, you will be hiring the services of the WordPress monthly retainer to ensure that your website remains in perfect condition, abides by search engine policies, and offers the value that your business demands.

The retainer can provide plugin support and maintenance, keep the site optimised for performance and SEO, and even develop or customise the site pages if and when needed.

The best part is, you won’t have to pay them extra. They will act as your in-house WordPress developers. Where your developer will have only a limited skillset, a WordPress development agency has a pool of expert developers to get the job done.

Five-Step Process for WordPress Development Retainers

Here is a five-step process for hiring WordPress development retainers for your WordPress website monthly. This process shows what you should expect from the retainer agency and how they will maintain your website.

1. A Dedicated Project Manager at Your Service

First thing first, check what services the development agency/retainer has to offer. For starters, site and plugin maintenance is at the core of the WordPress development retainer plan.

After all, you are hiring experts to have the resources needed to maintain your website as and when required. A junior WordPress development resource won’t have that type of leverage.

And, development retainers cost a lot less than getting full-time development resources for business. For example, where you will have to pay $70k for hiring a full-time development resource, you can hire a development retainer service for 25% of that price.

Moreover, they will assign you a dedicated project manager who will communicate with you on a regular basis to get your site maintenance done on time.

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2. Initial Audit of Your WordPress Website

Once you have hired the WordPress monthly retainer, they will do a complete audit of your WordPress website. The audit will include checking for on-page errors, server errors, technical site structure audit, undiscovered loopholes, non-indexing issues, and a lot more.

If there are any orphaned pages or the site shows performance issues, the development agency will create an action plan to solve them on an Adhoc basis.

You can also check the site customisation services they offer. However, in some cases, website customisations services are not included in the post-maintenance plan.

Think about it, if you need site customisation on an Adhoc basis for your eCommerce store, and the WordPress development retainer is not offering such service, what is the purpose of hiring them? During the initial audit, your retainer will tell you about the issues they can fix and what Estimated Time of Completion (ETC) you should expect.

3. Kick-Off Meeting to Know Your Business Requirements

The agency will do a few initial meetings to understand how your projects/products work and how they can properly optimise them. In addition, the initial meetings will help the WordPress retainer understand your business requirements.

Let’s say that you are an eCommerce store and don’t want any downtime on your website. The agency will create a timetable to roll out major customisations for your website when it has the least amount of traffic. Otherwise, all else would be done on the staging area.

Apart from that, they should also meet you on a regular basis to discuss the progress. This will ensure that your demands are met in a healthy manner.

4. Weekly Sprint, Planning, and Improvements

The next step in a WordPress monthly development retainer plan is weekly sprint creation, planning, and improvement. A weekly sprint plan will help you and the monthly retainer agency to realign their goals.

They will also provide you updates about the work they have done during the whole week and update you on the overall progress. Weekly sprint plans are a way to keep an eye on what services the monthly retainer is offering to your company. You can also cross-check through their reports to ensure that the work they are doing translates to profit for your business.

5. DevOps Scope: Staging and Deployment

Your website may require changes from time to time. When looking for development retainers, make sure to see if they offer staging and deployment services. You are looking for an agency that offers DevOps service for your hosting. Because, if you hire a DevOps separately, even on an hourly basis, you will be paying an additional cost. This will be a huge burden on you in the near future.

So, the best alternative available here is to hire DevOps + developers from the same agency in the same package. This will help you keep your servers alive and ensure that your site performs at its best. The best part is that you won’t have to pay anything extra to your retainer for the services of DevOps.

Ready to Hire Monthly WordPress Retainer Service?

We hope that the above WordPress monthly retainer step-by-step process has helped you understand how a monthly retainer service can help your digital business.

You can hire top WordPress experts on a monthly retainer by contacting us. With years of experience in website development, our WordPress experts know how to customise, audit, and maintain WordPress and WooCommerce stores serving millions of visitors per day.

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