How to Select the Perfect WordPress Theme?

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Select the Perfect WordPress Theme

Selecting your WordPress theme is as difficult as selecting your life partner.

Yes, literally and no pun intended. Just like you analyze the qualities and characteristics of your life partner, same as that you need to see what your WordPress theme has to offer. Because down the lane, let’s say three to four years when you want to redesign your site, would you change it?

Most of us can only do one digital business at a time. This means we will stick to a WordPress theme for years to come. If that is also the case with you, then do know that selecting your WordPress theme is as difficult as selecting your life partner.

With that said, we are going to help you make this search for the right theme for your business a lot easier. But first…

Does Your WordPress Theme Matter?

Yes! Your theme is the layout of your website. If it is not attractive or if it lacks a few set of features, you are never going to get an edge over your competition that has those features available. Most WordPress themes offer page builders that make it easier for users to redesign the theme as per their choice. These not only enhance the attractiveness of the website but also make it easier for people to conduct business online.

So, in simple terms, you must choose a theme that not only offers the best quality but also is easier to manage.

What Type of Theme Should You Choose?

WordPress offers over 4000 free themes. You can also get many paid themes from Envato, CodeCanyon, Themeisle, and many other similar websites. All these places I mentioned are marketplaces for WordPress websites and they make it easier for users to easily manage their websites, make them look more attractive, and enhance the overall design, all with the help of a single theme.

On average, WordPress offers themes on almost all subjects including blogs, ecommerce, portfolio, business, education, foods and entertainment, photography, news, and event services.

Every type of WordPress user can easily get a theme of their choice. Moreover, WordPress also allows users to select a theme that they deem fit for their business design-wise. They can choose from SIngle column to three column layouts, themes having different post formats, full site editing, and even translation ready themes. In short, themes are completely customizable.

Type of Theme
WordPress theme menu by filters. Source: WordPress theme directory

How to Choose the Right Theme for Your Business

Here are some of the steps that you can choose to select a business-ready theme that not only brings in more visitors because of its attraction but also help them convert faster due to its usability. Let’s see all these themes in detail.

Analyze Your Requirements

First thing first, analyze your business requirements. You need to ask yourself a few questions to understand what type of WordPress theme would work best for you.

  • What industry do I belong to?
  • Do I need a single-column theme or a two-column theme?
  • How many widgets do I need on the homepage?
  • Do I need a page builder to redesign my website pages?
  • Do I need a gallery to showcase my work?
  • Do I need a free theme or a paid theme?
  • Will I hire a WordPress website developer to develop my website?

Once you have answered all these questions you would be in a better position and pretty clear about the choice of theme that you would need for your business.

Next, decide about the features or the specialty of each theme that you want.

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List Your Features

We have already discussed the features that are available in all themes. For beginners, my advice is to choose a theme that is self-customizable without the help of a developer. So, a few features that you would need in a self-customizable theme include:

  1. Built-in Page builder
  2. Multiple page templates
  3. Multiple widget options
  4. Block-based editing
  5. Compatibility with Gutenberg block-based editor
  6. Free plugins for customization

These are crucial features that you would want in any WordPress theme that you get out-of-box from any WordPress marketplace. Envato, Themeisle, and Themeforest are filled with multiple themes that offer all these functionalities.

Check Your Hosting Solution

Next, you need to check the hosting solution that you currently have available. If you are using a shared hosting solution, then do know that it will not be able to support a heavy WordPress theme. Heavy WordPress themes have a bigger page size. This means they would take a lot more time to load on a shared hosting solution.

Slow load time can directly impact your site performance and that will definitely hurt your business bottom-line

Things to Note:

  • Don’t install heavier themes on lite hosting solutions such as shared hosting
  • Make sure that your WordPress theme loads in under a second without data
  • Test your WordPress theme on your website before you purchase it or before you add data to it

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Opt for Quality & Simplicity

Next, make sure that the theme that you have chosen for your WordPress website is of quality. You can check the quality of the WordPress theme by looking at the code, design, and layout. Most premium themes have high quality as they are designed carefully for their users. On the other hand, many free themes are cheap and therefore don’t focus a lot on features such as page size, coding standards, and functionality.

Theme Support

Finally, make sure that the WordPress theme that you plan to purchase has an active support team developing it on a regular basis and removing previous bugs. Most top WordPress themes have support teams available that are always rolling out new versions that you can add to your WordPress theme completely free.

Price of WordPress Theme

Similarly, make sure that the WordPress theme is nominally priced. WordPress themes in the market are available for as low as 0 USD and also as high as 200 USD. You don’t want a theme that is too expensive. Similarly, you don’t want a WordPress theme that is available for free and without support.

So, get a theme that is priced at around 50 USD.

Things you should check while purchasing a theme include:

  • Long-lasting support
  • Free upgrade to the latest version
  • Phone/Video/Email/Ticket support
  • Complete license for your website
  • One time cost
  • Complete theme documentation including video tutorials
  • Dummy data for the testing theme on the website
  • Multiple templates of the theme pages
  • Free plugins with the theme (auto-installation)
  • Free error support and roll-back service by the team
  • Check for reviews of the theme on top blogs
  • See the rating of the company making that theme

All these things will help you decide if the theme that you plan to choose is of quality and supported by the development team. Moreover, reviews of the theme (if any) will help you know both the pros and the cons of the theme before you purchase it.

So, bookmark this WordPress theme checklist so that you can use it to purchase any theme that you want to add to your WordPress website.

If you are unsure how to add a WordPress theme to your website, then get in touch with our WordPress customization experts for quick consultancy.

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