How To Speed Up Your WordPress Website?

by WP Creative on 2015 October | Posted in WordPress

how to increase speed in wordpress

Content management System WordPress is preferred by most of the business proprietor to develop their business website as it is free and consist of lots of themes as well as plugins. It is used by many people and each day new people are getting in touch with the WordPress community developing their foremost WordPress website.

Since WordPress is well-liked content management system and blogging tool; it should be fast as well to make it more useful and reliable. Online Presence might lose their regular visitors as well as customers due to slow load time. If you are willing to speed up your WordPress website then follow this article till the end as this article provides you useful information about speeding up your WordPress website.

Check out some of the ways to speed up your WordPress website:

Choose the best Hosting service

best web hosting services

In order to speed up your WordPress website, you have to choose reliable as well as best hosting solutions. You can find various web hosts which are optimised to execute WordPress website and most of them meet the fundamental requirement as well.  Some of the most recognised WordPress managed to host platforms are Media temple, WPEngine, Flywheel Hosting and many others. Thus, selecting an applicable host indicates more than purchasing a storage space.

Some of the things that you need to consider while choosing a hosting service include:

  • Bandwidth
  • Speed or type of Processor
  • Accepted database and domains
  • Versions

Optimise the image size

optimisation of image

One of the problems which slow down your WordPress site or blog is due to the large size of the image. Mostly, when you have a great number of images within your page, your website slows to a crawl. You can get out of this problem by using JPEG or PNG form of image and optimise the image properly. Along with optimising the image, it is very important to specify the size of an image setting width and height of the image. If you fail to do that then the browser has to wait till the image completely loads and inserting width and height let the browser assign a box on the page of image Thus, making proper use of images by optimising it and specifying the size will help you to speed up your WordPress website.

Keep your WordPress website updated


Technology is emerging continually and WordPress websites together need to meet the recent trend. To speed up your WordPress Website, it is necessary to keep your WordPress website. Additionally, this also helps you to fix bugs occurring from the earlier version and includes performance improvement as well.

Decrease the number of plug-ins


WordPress supports lots of plug-ins; however, the massive number of plug-ins makes your WordPress website slow and can create software variance causing the blog to crash as well. So, to make your website out of this trouble and speed up the site you need to use essential and obligatory plug-ins and remove the rest. Also, ensure you update your plug-ins regularly.

Go with simple and fresh theme

simple and fresh

Selecting a beautiful theme makes your WordPress website attractive. WordPress contains lots of theme options which is available free or include some charge. The themes that are heavily depending on the images may look nice but also slows down your site. Hence, for speeding up your sites you need to select simple as well as fresh theme.

Stepping Up,

I hope this article provided you with an applicable way to speed up your WordPress website. WordPress is very popular these days and making your WordPress site fast will drive more visitors towards your website.

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