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Starting as a blogging tool WordPress makes convenient for anyone to publish online and also controls millions of websites. It appears in two forms, the one which is completely hosted is and the other which is self-hosted is So, this article provides you information and features about both the forms of WordPress. is completely hosted platform and it does not include any charge and is the safest way to use for beginners.


1. Free of cost is a form of WordPress available free of cost as there are various beginners who are unable to pay for it.

2. User Friendly

It is user-friendly and a user only needs to acquire the content with great value and the rest is handled by itself.

3. Free hosting

The hosting does not require any charge which makes it more user-friendly.

4. Various themes benefits you with varieties of customised themes which make your website attractive.

5. Plugin is not required

The user does not require installing a plugin as there are customised features available, which makes users write their blog.

6. Free Accounts

To use, you only need to create an account which does not include any charge.

7. Regular Backups provides the facility of regular backup which makes your website secure and helpful in any unfortunate circumstances.

8. Free Space

Free space of 3 GB is offered to the clients.


1. No Flexibility does not offer you flexibility as it does not permit you to utilise any particular plugin.

2. Unprofessional Name

When you choose for your blog, then you are provided name like which looks unprofessional and you are not able to acquire the name of your preference.

3. Limited themes

Clients have to create a website with limited themes offered by WordPress.

4. Danger of Deletion

You always have the danger of deletion of your website. If you do not follow the terms and then you may be removed from the website any hour.

5. Limited Size provides only 3 GB space and if users desire to expand the space, then they have to pay for it. refers to the self-hosted version of WordPress which provides various plugins along with the customised themes making your blog more useful and effective.


1. Easy installation is easy to install and different types of hosting website also offer, click installation of WordPress, or simply you are able to do it manually making simple steps.

2. Plugins

In order to improve the functionalities of your website, offers various plugins which can be utilised for the security reason as well.

3. No Registration Required

Unlike, you do not need to register as well as create any account at

4. Professional Domain

It allows you to select as well as purchase domain name from different websites and the domain name which you acquire will be of your choice and looks professional as well.

5. Complete control

You possess your own data and have complete control. Nobody is able to take your website out of the web unless you go against their rules and regulations. You can also add more plug-ins to enhance the functionality.

6. Appearance

You can find various free WordPress themes obtainable for your website. Additionally, there are numerous additional premium themes obtainable to customise the look of your blogs. However, you need to pay for those premium themes.

7. Customisation

You can customise your site as per your wish as there are different types of prospect available for users.


1. Web hosting required

If you wish to set your blog using then you need to purchase a host with a space to keep your website on their server.

2. Domain Name

You have to purchase a domain name as you are unable to set up your blog without a domain name.

3. No automatic backup

Mostly, you can find few hosting which offers your automatic backup, but different from that website, you need to backup all the information and data by yourself.

4. Technical knowledge needed

To customise the site, you require some technical knowledge regarding PHP. Additionally, to customise the graphical images users need to have some knowledge about CSS and HTML too.

5. Time- consuming to learn

You require lots of time to learn as it consists of various languages.

Conclusion, and both are forms of WordPress. Both of them have some advantages and disadvantages. You can choose them according to your need.

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