Rules Of Thumb For On-Page SEO

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Rules Of Thumb For On-Page SEO

Search Engine Optimisation is a very vast domain. Several areas come under this domain. These include but are not limited to technical SEO, link building, local SEO, and keyword research. However, the most important yet the most difficult to handle is on-page SEO. Businesses and web developers often find it hard to work on it.

As is evident from the name, on-page optimisation includes things that happen on one particular web page. These things include content as well as HTML code.

Most factors related to SEO are controlled by forces other than you. However, one good thing about on-page SEO is that it is entirely under the control of the business.

You can easily manage and benefit from on-page SEO by sticking by the following rules of thumb:

Ensure that your content is linkable

Linking is the currency of search engines. Google uses them to gauge the popularity and reliability of the content. It gives ranking to the websites based on the quality of links used. Amongst all other criteria used for rankings, links are one of the most essential ones.

Hence, you need to ensure that your content is linkable. You can do so by making sure that your content is not hidden and is rather as visible as possible.

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Make sure that your content is working

According to the Search Quality Rating Guidelines, Google very overtly uses a Needs Met rating. It sees how well is the content of a page meeting the needs of the visitors. Google’s most favourite pages are those that are able to satisfy the visitors completely; the pages that do not compromise on visitor satisfaction at all.

If you intend to become Google’s favourite, you got to meet your visitors’ needs completely.

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Your content should demonstrate high levels of E-A-T

E-A-T refers to Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness. These are the three key factors that Google looks at while gauging the quality of a website.

All three of these factors are mostly demonstrated in the content of the website. Businesses should, therefore, ensure that their web content is well-phrased, up-to-date, and thorough. Google has recently introduced an algorithm update that further focuses on E-A-T indicators. Hence, now, the significance of E-A-T is way more than ever before!

Optimise your page title

This is one thing that businesses usually miss out on. They optimize their content but forget to do the same for the page title. The page title can play a huge role in on-page optimization.

There are several ways that you can use to optimize your page title. Firstly you should include your main keyword at the beginning of the title. Research shows that words that appear at the start of the title play a greater role in determining how many people click on the page. Secondly, you should ensure that your page title is the only thing on the page that has a <h2> tag. Thirdly, make sure that your title has a maximum of 60 characters. The rationale behind this is that the Google search engine only displays a certain width of the title. If your page title is too long, Google will not display it completely.

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Optimise your permalinks

The permalink is another one of the most important aspects of a website, yet most people ignore it. It is quite beneficial for your SEO ranking. Hence, you should work on optimizing your permalink.

Permalink tells the visitors what the topic of the page is. That is why you should make sure that it has your primary keyword. Moreover, your permalink should be short and crisp. It should ideally have 3-5 words so that people can easily remember it.

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Allow social sharing and commenting

In today’s day and age, one cannot merely downplay the importance of social media. These sites have become as important as search engines. When ranking websites, search engines also take into account your website’s presence on social media. They are able to do so by taking into account the percentage of website visitors who shared your website on social media.

Hence, turning your visitors into a community is very beneficial for your on-page SEO. You can do so by taking a number of measures. First and foremost, you should include sharing options. According to research, prominent sharing buttons increase sharing by 700%. Secondly, make use of social markup. It ensures that social media posts have the correct title, image, and content.

Lastly, encourage your website visitors to comment on your blog. You can do so by adding CTAs in your blogs that ask your visitors to leave a comment below. However, you need to realize that mere comments are not enough. You also need to engage in the discussion. Google has confessed that websites that have an active commenting culture are given a higher search engine ranking.


SEO is a hugely sought after thing. And why should it not be so? After all, it increases the chance of your web page appearing in search engine results. You can easily make use of on-page SEO as it is totally under your control.

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