10 stringent security measures to take for your WordPress website

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10 stringent security measures to take for your WordPress website

One of the most significant issues that sites have to face is that of security. Nothing on the internet is completely safe. Each and everything is vulnerable, though the level of vulnerability differs.

The same is the case with WordPress websites. They also have security risks. According to an estimate, 35% of the sites on the internet are powered by WordPress. This widespread use of WordPress makes it an attractive target for hackers.

Now, you must be wondering, what is the solution?

Should businesses just stop using WordPress?

No, that is not the solution. WordPress websites are still comparatively more secure than websites powered by other content management systems.

The solution lies in taking stringent security measures that make your website safe and secure.

10 stringent security measures that we highly recommend our clients to take are:

  1.  Update your software regularly

    Have you ever wondered why WordPress websites get hacked? It is because their software is not updated. This results in everything of the website becoming outdated including but not limited to themes, plugins, and core. These outdated things become traceable and hence, it becomes easier for the outsiders to intrude.

    You might be surprised to know that according to one research study, 54% of the security threats were due to outdated plugins, 37% were due to outdated core, and 11% were due to outdated WordPress themes.

    Even though updating WordPress software is simple enough, we do realize that businesses mostly do not have the time to look after such nitty-gritty things. Hence, we regularly update our clients’ software on our own.

    If you also wish to get free of this duty, CONTACT US TODAY and become part of our extensive clientele!

  2.  Do not install untrusted WordPress themes and plugins

    Businesses should avoid downloading WordPress themes and plugins that are not reliable.

    How can we know which themes and plugins are not to be trusted? Simply by seeing its ratings and reading its reviews!

    Another thing that you should check is that when was the theme or plugin last updated. Themes and plugins that are trustable are usually regularly updated. If a theme or a plugin has not been updated since quite some time, consider it a red flag and run away!

    Lastly, you might also want to consider the popularity of the theme and plugins you wish to install. The more popular a theme is, the more likely it is that it will regularly be checked and updated for security vulnerabilities!

    WordPress security

  3.  Remove unused themes and plugins

    WordPress is just like your house. You need to keep decluttering it from time to time.

    When you start noticing that your WordPress website has accumulated a lot of themes and plugins, it is recommended that you should try to find out which themes and plugins are no longer being used. The best thing you can do is to get rid of such themes and plugins. This will help increase your website’s speed. Also, it will help make your website more safe and secure.

    There are numerous plugins available that can help audit your website’s inventory. One such plugin is Plugin Activation Status. You can use it to identify plugins that are no longer being used and remove them.

  4.  Install a WordPress Security Plugin

    This is a quick solution for protecting your website from security threats. WordPress has numerous security plugins. All you need to do is, install any one of them and the rest of the work will be done by the plugin itself.

    Three WordPress plugins that we usually recommend our clients to install are:

  5.  Regularly back-up your WordPress website

    No matter how many security precautions you take, updating your WordPress website still remains important.

    There are three ways to update your WordPress website. The first way is to follow the instructions given by WordPress for backing-up your website. The second way is to download a plugin such as Backup Buddy. It will automatically maintain a back-up of your website. And the last, as well as the highly recommended way, is to hand-over this responsibility to us.

    We carry out an automatic update for our clients’ business websites every day, without a fail. This ensures that our clients never lose an asset as precious as their website.

    Do you wish to benefit from this service of ours?

    Leave a message below and we shall get back to you at our earliest!

  6.  Use strong passwords and username

    At some point in time or the other, we all have been guilty of using easy-to-remember passwords. After all, who would want to get into the trouble of keeping a hard password and then forgetting it!

    But, if you are still doing so, let us tell you that it can prove to be disastrous for your WordPress website. Using easy passwords such as your name or number makes your website’s security vulnerable. Hackers easily crack the code of your website and get to know your username and password. Once someone has your username and password, they have access to your website and can do whatever they wish to do with it!

    How horrible does that sound?

    It is actually as horrible as it sounds. Hence, we highly recommend you to opt for a strong password and username. Anything and everything that is hard for others to guess can help keep your website safe!

  7.  Make use of two-factor authentication (2FA)

    Using two-factor authentication adds an extra layer of protection to your website. If you add this feature to your website, when you log-in, you would have to enter some extra information in addition to your password and username. This mostly includes things that only you could provide such as a code sent on your phone number.

    This helps in protecting your website in case anyone is able to get access to your username and password. They still won’t be able to login because your website would ask them to enter an additional layer of information which they would obviously lack.

    ecommerce website on WordPress

  8.  Limit the number of login attempts

    WordPress itself does not have any limit placed on the number of times a person can try to login to a website. This presents a problem for your website’s security. The reason being that a hacker who is determined to hack your website will keep trying to guess your password until he succeeds to do so.

    Therefore, it is in your website’s best interest to limit login attempts. We do it ourselves for all our clients’ websites.

  9.  Relocate the login page

    Relocating your login page often helps in protecting your website from hackers. It helps in hiding that your website is powered by WordPress. Also, it limits the number of brute force attacks that can be carried out on your website page.

    To relocate or rename your page, you can use plugins like Rename wp-login.php, Move Login or iThemes Security.

  10. Use a safe hosting environment

    The fact of the matter remains that no matter how many preventive measures you take if the hosting environment of your website is not safe, all these preventive measures will do no good.

    Hence, it is crucial for you to find a reliable and safe hosting provider.

    We at Nirmal observe all the above-mentioned security protocols for our clients’ websites. If you are looking for a safe hosting provider, you can surely rely on us!


We do realize that taking care of your WordPress website’s security is not as easy as it sounds. Nevertheless, it is absolutely essential to do so.

Then, what is the easy way out?

It is actually quite simple. You hand-over your website’s development and maintenance to us, and we do the magic on your behalf!

We at Nirmal have been serving businesses from all sectors, big as well as small. Hence, you can expect nothing less than perfection from us!

So what are you waiting for?

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