Steps to follow while Updating WordPress website

by WP Creative on 2015 November | Posted in WordPress

updating wordpress website

WordPress is the most popular Content management system and the upgrade system of WordPress is hugely enhanced. Alike any software you use on your desktop or mobile device, WordPress website also requires being updated frequently. However, WordPress is an open source community and many people throughout the world are working continuously to develop it. Updated version of WordPress is released regularly.

Why does WordPress release updates?

To improve features

It is better to use improved and fresh feature rather than to stick on the old one. New features make WordPress site easy to use and comfortable. However, updating two or more version at a time can be harmful to the website.

For your security

There are lots of hackers who are trying to harm your system. New safety features keep your online presence way from those hackers, preventing them break your system.

To fix an error

Sometimes too many errors may ruin your whole system. New updates can fix functionality error within your WordPress website. Thus, if the functionalities of your WordPress site are not working properly, you have to go for updates.

Some of the Steps to follow while Updating WordPress website:

Step #1: Backup your WordPress site

Your website contains useful data and information. If those data and information are lost, then your company has to bear a huge loss. Thus, backing up the website assures that you hold an immediate action plan when something on your site goes wrong or does not work properly. Additionally, you have to back up the database of your website and can work on this through PHPMyAdmin.

Step #2: Turn off Caching

While updating WordPress website, you should deactivate your caching plugin. This assures that you are not caching the maintenance page throughout the updates.

Step #3: Update your plugin and theme Framework

WordPress holds various types of themes and plugins. Mostly, a WordPress update comes up with a plugin and theme updates. WordPress developer mostly focuses on approaching WordPress updates and this makes their plugin well-matched while releasing the updates. Thus, while updating WordPress site, you need to update your plugin and themes as well.

Step #4: Update WordPress website

After completing the above step successfully now, you are able to update WordPress site. To update, just click on the automatic update button and allow WordPress to perform the further task. It may take some time to complete, so you need to get patience if you observe a momentary blank section in the dashboard.

Step #5: Reactivate the Caching Plugin

After you update WordPress website, now it’s time to reactivate your caching plugin and make the cache clean. Keep in mind, while using W3 Total Cache and do not have a personalised configuration, you can update your W3TC setting as well.

Step #6: View your site

Finally, you are done with your update work and you can view your site visiting pages and posts within your site.

Wrapping Up,

Updating the WordPress website may be a troubling process, but it is essential to update the site. There are some steps that you should follow while updating your WordPress website.

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