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how to choose best wordpress theme

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What I love the most about CMS like WordPress is that it makes everything look so simple. Even for a layman, WP is really easy to understand and implement right away. You don’t need any coding skills, nor you need to be good with computers. Just watching a few tutorials on YouTube can help you get started. It’s simply copying and pasting kind of stuff.

When it comes to WordPress, a versatile and feature rich theme is the foundation of every website. A good looking theme is very important to magnetise many audiences within your web presence. Whereas a dull looking theme can break your business branding into the half. This is why choosing the best theme for your web presence can be exciting along with time-consuming since you can get many free themes available in the WordPress hemisphere.  The type of theme you select determines your web presence as the arrangement of your design shows a vital part in SEO.

Luckily, there are lots of themes that you can get your hands on free as well for mere $30-$60. However, it’s best to understand the value of the theme, and what are the things you need to know before having one install for your business.

And, this is where we help you out.

Tips to Select suitable WordPress theme for your site:

Select the Theme that describes your company

You need to select a theme that reflects your company. Try to make a selection relating to your web presence by understanding your business goals, users, counting the circumstance regarding your website. Thus, earlier than selecting a theme you should find out your business objective and get a theme corresponding to them.

Look for simple designs

Different types of free themes are available in the marketplace. Those themes consist of various compound features which might appear very well within the display, but may not have adequate functionalities. If you desire a theme corresponding to your online presence do not go after fancy or complex design rather go for simple designs as they are simple to make changes when needed and browser compatible.

Ensure your theme is Browser Compatible

While selecting a WordPress theme, one of the most important factors you need to consider is the browser compatibility. You can prefer the theme that is w3 valid and browser-friendly. These days, designers are not giving any attention to Internet Explorer compatibility. This is not a good idea as there are lots of users who use Internet Explorer so make sure Internet Explore compatibility is not ignored by your designer.

Prefer Responsive Theme

Responsive themes are suitable and fine for every portable device. Search engine Google also supports the sites which are mobile responsive. Thus, choose a responsive theme so that you can feel comfortable viewing your web presence on a mobile device.

The important number of website traffic is made for the mobile device. And, depending on the topic of the website the phenomenon of the number is getting higher more than 50% of the traffic.

Search engines favour the website with the responsive feature. Truly, most of the WordPress websites are already responsive in nature. But you can still find some vendors selling the theme with fixed layouts which do not give the responsive result.

Go for the terms of service

While choosing a free or commercial theme you should be aware of the terms of service. If you got a theme with a lot of backlinks leave it behind as you can get a lot of other free themes in the market and you can pick another one.

Browser compatibility

There are lots of users and the browser they use might vary from one another. Your theme might look good on your browser and at the same time, it might not be compatible with other browsers which your users are using. This is the main point where browser compatibility comes as the essential factor. Most of the WordPress web theme developers test their themes, employing some useful compatibility testing techniques and tools.

Also, they might state this on the website. But, if they do not, then you need to carry out some basic test to look whether the theme on various browsers such as Firefox, Google Chrome and more. You also have to test the browsers on mobile.

Page Builder

WordPress plugin Page builder lets you develop the design, utilising different drag and drop user interface. Most of the premium WordPress themes appear with page builder pre-installed. Some of them might be used by WordPress theme developer only.

By the use of such page builder to develop landing pages can create lots of undesired code. If you try to change themes, then those web pages will need lots of cleaning up. Also, you have to select the theme that delivers with the most employed page builder plugin.


one of the most crucial parts of every web presence is site navigation. In fact, it helps you to be familiar with your key pages. Also, directs your users to the page they desire to visit.

Some WordPress theme like Genesis lifestyle theme contains two menus located above and below the header. You can simply keep them on and off. So, ensure your theme has navigation as you might require a very simple and easy navigation with less option or you might also require more than one.

Wrapping Up,

I certainly hope this article provides you proper guidance to choose a suitable WordPress theme for your website. Choosing a right WordPress theme gives your site natural flow and helps you to benefit your business by achieving the gain business goal. Along with pleasing the eyes, WordPress theme also determines the speed of websites and ease of website navigation for your audiences.

Are you willing to develop your website using WordPress Content Management System? If yes, Get in Touch. We are here to help you understand your requirements.

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