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Initiated as a blogging tool, WordPress has made its valuable place as the most popular content management system. Content management system WordPress contains varieties of themes, plugins and widgets. Since it is the most popular CMS most of the developers are working on this CMS and desires to upgrade their career as well.

Every developer desires to carry out the best in the project. The project is a great medium to demonstrate their skills to the clients. So, if you are willing to develop your career as WordPress developers then you need to focus on the project related to WordPress and try to perform well. WordPress is a great platform for those developers who do not have much knowledge of codes.

Some of the useful tips for WordPress developers include:

Optimise your database


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Database refers to the collection of well manage data and information. You need to optimise your database regularly. The data optimisation task can be performed through a plug-in or manually. Optimising your database properly, you can ensure your query is in the proper order. Additionally, it also decreases the size of your database, eliminating duplicate data. One more benefit that database optimisation carries is it helps in boosting the speed of a website. Usually, this is something, many WordPress developers forget when they start to code their website.

Scripts and styles

style and scripts

If you are WordPress developer or willing to pursue your career as a WordPress developer, you need to enqueue your scripts along with the styles at the time you develop a WordPress website. While developing themes or plug-in you need to load external files. Nevertheless, you might discover various things in every WordPress. One of the useful choices to load a standard style is to style for jQuery plug-in or CSS for HTML bootstraps.

Quality of resource


These days, the internet has made every task easier. If you are willing to learn the quality of resource you can find it on the search engines which is the main resource of WordPress that all the WordPress developers should be familiar with. There various specialised WordPress developer, however, most of them do not acquire the consideration as deserved. Therefore, the quality of the resource is the main thing that every WordPress developer should concentrate on.

Allocate GZIP


WordPress developer should have an adequate knowledge on the GZIP. If you do not know about GZIP, research it today. A server side GZIP permits you to reduce the size of your file earlier than you send them. To employ GZIP you require an easy code snippet which you should add up to your .htaccess file. Moreover, it saves your time as well. This is one of the quickest and most effective ways of decreasing the size of your file. And, not to mention offering benefit from SEO perspective

Do not employ WYSIWYG from the start


If you desire to be a good WordPress developer do not employ a WYSIWYG editor for blog posts or any other updates on WordPress as you might be the victim of domino-effect difficulty. This issue generally occurs at the time your stylesheet is not set for it and when you insert any likely codes. So, avoid the practice of using WYSIWYG from the start.

Stepping Up,

I hope this article provided you useful tips regarding the WordPress websites. WordPress the most preferred content management system. It is a great platform to develop your career as WordPress developer. So in order to become skilled and proficient WordPress developer, you need to apply above points carefully and get more knowledge from the online resources.

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