6 Reasons Why WordPress Is a Perfect Choice For Enterprise Companies

by WP Creative on 2020 April | Posted in WordPress, WordPress Security

The image of WordPress as a blogging platform still persists. This rather faulty image makes businesses sceptical about the usefulness of this CMS for enterprise companies. What these businesses fail to realise is that WordPress did start off as a blogging platform, but now it is much more than that. It has utility for all sorts of businesses.

In fact, it is an ideal choice for some types of businesses. One such business is enterprise companies.

Are you wondering why that is so?

We have got the answer for you!

Six reasons why WordPress is a perfect choice for enterprise companies are:

WordPress is already ruling the enterprise sector

WordPress not only brands itself as an open-source CMS but in fact, it also continues to adopt all the principles associated with such a platform. Currently, it is one of the most widely-used open-source CMSs. It powers millions of websites.

Initially, enterprises had their fair share of doubts regarding WordPress. However, now, they are convinced that it is the best platform out there for web development. What has helped WordPress gain confidence in the enterprises is its use by several big names which continue to vouch for its credibility.

A survey was conducted by BlackDuck Software back in 2016. According to that survey, nearly 78% of respondents confessed that they rely on an open-source platform. Hence, it is proved!

If anything, the open-source status of WordPress is an added advantage for enterprise companies.

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WordPress websites

It has been quite a long since WordPress stopped being just a blogging platform

One thing that has deterred the enterprise companies from using WordPress is its image as a blogging platform. Since most the enterprise companies are largely isolated from the rest of the world, they are mostly uninformed about the developments happening in the technological world.

In the last ten years, WordPress has changed tremendously. It has adapted to the needs of the time. It would not be incorrect to state that WordPress has grown by leaps and bounds. However, the enterprise companies have mostly not been able to keep themselves updated with all such changes.

If you are one such business, you would be surprised to hear that in recent years WordPress has shifted its focus to small to medium-sized businesses. It does still cater to other types of businesses, but its focus is smaller to medium-sized companies.

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WordPress does have the support of an enterprise-like company

WordPress does not market itself as a company. Rather it focuses on being a community. Still, one should know that WordPress comes under the umbrella of Automattic. It is a company that started off with scattered operations and now has a headcount of over 450 and is worth a billion-dollar.

There does not exist a consensus over the definition of an enterprise company. This term is used fairly loosely. However, since WordPress has a business of $50 million a year, is constantly acquiring other businesses, and is the talk of the town, it would be safe to assume that even if it is not completely an enterprise company right now, it is on the journey of becoming one soon.

It offers immense flexibility and customisation options

As the focus of WordPress is on small-to-medium size businesses, it offers a lot of flexibility and customization options. It does realize that a business might start off with an extremely simple website, but moving forward might need to add complexity to the initially drafted structure.

Hence, WordPress allows you to add new and advanced features to your website through numerous plugins. You can download any plugin according to your requirement and enhance the performance of your website.

Likewise, you can customise your website to fit in with the brand image of your business. Each and every feature of your website can be tailored according to your requirements.

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AI in WordPress

WordPress core is secured by stringent security measures

There is nothing on the web that is 100 per cent secure. So is the case with WordPress. However, the core of WordPress is comparatively more secure than that of its counterparts. Now, you must be wondering, why is that so?

What makes WordPress more secure than the rest of the open-source platforms is that its community of developers has a constant eye on security breaches and bugs as soon as they spot any security vulnerability, they roll-out an update.

In order to benefit from this promptness of the WordPress community, all you need to do is to constantly update your website. This will keep your WordPress website safe and secure.

Are you too occupied to do so?

Do not worry. We realise that enterprise companies have more important things on their calendar and cannot spare time to update their website.

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WordPress is an open-source and free platform

What is better than a CMS that allows you to instantly create a website without paying a penny?

I guess nothing! Especially in an era in which businesses are always looking for ways to cut-out on costs.

However, you may start out without paying a penny, at some point in time, you would have to invest some money on your WordPress website. As the traffic inflow on your website increases, you need to use features that are paid and not free. Nevertheless, every penny spent on WordPress is worth investing in. You won’t be disappointed at all!

So what are you waiting for?

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