WordPress Agency Vs. Freelancers: Which One To Choose?

by WP Creative on 2021 November | Posted in WordPress

People looking for their websites to get developed often get confused about whether to hire an agency or a freelancer. Oftentimes, freelancers are available for a lot cheaper and getting someone to work on your website for a minimum amount is a dream come true, right?

But people need to understand that getting a WordPress website off the ground is not just a one-time thing. In fact, a WordPress freelancer may come in handy when you want to install a theme and take the website live, but the same freelancer alone can’t help when you are looking for multiple things like

  • Creating a new design for the site
  • Customization in the site code
  • Changing servers or taking care of migration issues
  • UI/UX defining

And a lot more…

All these require different expertise and hence are the domain of WordPress agencies.

Why WordPress Agencies?

WordPress agencies are professionals under one roof. They have design experts, programming experts, project managers, and even marketing experts taking on and completing projects within the desired time frame.

They have better professionals, lower rates, and in most cases a reputation to protect. So, WordPress agencies are always looking for experts that can take on projects and complete them while getting a five-star review from the client.

Why WordPress Freelancer

Freelancers mostly work on projects that are within their domain. Freelancers work on deadlines and they have smaller projects compared to WordPress agencies.

Freelancers are also a lot cheaper when you have a single gig to work on. Let’s say you want to hire a WordPress freelancer to customize a plugin. The charges a freelancer will ask for will be much lower than what an agency will ask for. Why? Because it is easier for freelancers to spend 5 hours and complete the work. So he/she may ask for $100 for the whole project. But for an agency, $100 won’t bring any value. So they will either ask for a $500 minimum or will ask for more work from the customer.

Usually, most agencies don’t work on such small projects.


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When to Use a WordPress Agency?

Agencies as we have already discussed earlier have experts on board. Since they have a full-time job, they are looking for clients that have more money to spend. So, their packages usually start from $500 and above. That being said, if you are looking to get a complete website developed, your best bet would be a WordPress agency.

We have listed some of the reasons why you should go for a WordPress agency and not a freelancer. Here is when to make that choice.

1. When Your Project is Complex

Let’s say you want to create an eCommerce store. The WordPress agency will create a store from scratch including its design, wireframes, programming and development, and launching.

You can even negotiate to get the best price from the WordPress agency. An ecommerce can’t be developed by a WordPress freelancer alone because it is something that requires multiple things.

You would need a great hosting solution that can carry the weight of the ecommerce store. You would also need a great design so that your visitors can get attracted to your ecommerce store. Finally, you would need maintenance of your store in the first few months – if things break or not go according to plan.

2. When You Want End-to-End Involvement

Most clients want end-to-end involvement in their projects. This is something that WordPress freelancers can’t offer because they can’t stay on the phone with their clients and work on the project at the same time. That is where agencies come in. Agencies have a dedicated project manager that is working on the client’s site. he/she keeps the client updated about everything from A to Z that is happening on the website. It makes the client know if everything is going according to plan. Or, if there are necessary changes needed, the client can call for them.

3. When You Want Ongoing Maintenance

If you want post-maintenance development of your WordPress website, you will have to pay a freelancer to do that. But with agencies, you can even negotiate a post-development maintenance plan. This ensures that your project is properly off-the ground without any hiccups. Usually projects of scale like an ecommerce store can have issues during or after launch. If these are custom projects, they can have bugs that are not apparent during quality tests. So, post-development maintenance is needed to fix them. Without a pre-approved maintenance plan, you will have to pay a lot to get your websites fixed. A WordPress agency is your best bet in such situations.

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When to Use a WordPress Freelancer?

Good news is that you can hire a WordPress freelancer for as low as $20 per hour for your WordPress project. An even better news is that you can hire them from platforms like Guru, Freelancer, Upwork, and various others.

But when hiring a freelancer, make sure that you know what type of work they will be doing for you.

1. When You have a Quick Development Job

We have already discussed that you can’t hire a freelancer for complex WordPress related jobs because not everyone can do them. That is why you need to hire a WordPress developer only when the job is quick or doesn’t require your complete attention.

2. When You Don’t Want to Get Involved

Freelancers are great at fixing issues with WordPress sites, installing and customizing plugins, migrating a website from one host to the other, etc. These are things that don’t require your attention at all times. Moreover, these are some things that WordPress freelancers can do easily.

3. When You Hire Them from a Freelancing Platform

There are too many scams going on around the world and most WordPress freelancers don’t have a reputation like an agency. They are not even registered on b2b ratings and reviews websites so they don’t have a brand value to protect. That’s why when hiring a WordPress freelancer, only hire them from reputed sources like freelancing platforms. Freelancing platforms have an escrow system. So your money is only released to the freelancer when they have completed the work. Or, you can also hire them if someone from your network recommends them. Just don’t hire them from social media or other sources because you can’t trust them.

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When it comes to choosing a WordPress agency or a freelancer for your project, keep these three in mind.

  1. Complexity
  2. Reputation
  3. Reliability

If the project is complex, and you want a reputable company to handle it, then always go for a WordPress agency that you truly trust. For other small gigs, you can choose WordPress freelancers for the job.

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