Is WordPress Still The Best CMS In 2019?

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Is WordPress Still The Best CMS in 2019?

All doubts regarding the reliability of WordPress become questionable the moment one becomes aware of its enormous market share. You will be surprised to know that more than 34%of the websites on the web are powered by WordPress. And if you compare with other CMSs in the market, WordPress holds more than 60% market share. That is a humongous market share, isn’t it?

WordPress initially started off as a blogging platform. Now, it has become extremely versatile. It facilitates users in creating a fully functional site. It is open-source software that is completely free and is fully flexible and scalable for any type of your online needs.

But, are these reasons enough to declare WordPress as the best CMS of the year 2019?

If not, continue reading to find out more!

Why WordPress Is The Best CMS of 2019?

  1. WordPress is The Best CMS for SEO

    A huge chunk of web traffic is generated from search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing. High rankings on these search engines can increase the influx of visitors on your site. That is exactly where the website owners try to give each other a tough time. High SEO ranking helps in attracting new visitors. Search engines have set a handful of parameters that assist in ranking sites. And, WordPress masters the art of handling these parameters well!

    WordPress has numerous features that give an upper hand to its site. These features include:

    1. Concise HTML markup
    2. Efficient content creation
    3. SEO optimisation permalinks
    4. Image optimisation

    These are only a few useful features. The complete list is too elaborative to fit in this article!

  2. It can easily be customised

    Thousands of websites are powered by WordPress across the world. Some of these websites are owned by individual bloggers while others are owned by large corporations. Each site has a unique aesthetic and a customised set of features. But, are all these websites developed by expert web developers?

    No, they are not!

    What has made WordPress so popular? This CMS has an extremely simple user-interface. It has easy to understand and use features on its dashboard. In order to use this CMS, you do not need to have any sort of technical background. Even a layman can use this CMS to create an intricately designed website. What else could one desire?

    The job becomes even easier when the site goes live. Notifications regarding updates, new themes, and the latest plugins are constantly rolled out. Hence, managing a WordPress powered site is even easier than creating it!

  3. It has countless themes and plugins

    WordPress has in-built themes. It has also hired developers to create new themes. Websites powered by WordPress are optimised for all sorts of devices. No matter which device visitors view your website, they will surely have a great experience. Yes, along with being SEO optimised, WordPress sites are also user-friendly. You can even find themes according to your needs and requirements.

    Similarly, WordPress has a plugin for all your needs. That is why people find it quite appealing. After all, who doesn’t finds a one-stop solution appealing? Plugins help in increasing the functionality of your website. Some of the famous plugins are Yoast SEO, Jetpack, W3 Total Cache, WooCommerce, Google XML sitemap, and Google analytics.

    The team of WordPress is quite efficient. The astute developers of WordPress keep on updating it regularly which further strengthens the functionality of your WordPress site. What could be more amazing than having such a strong back-up team?

  4. It is expandable and flexible

    Websites built using WordPress are not stagnant. They have a lot of room for expansion. You can keep expanding your WordPress site using various plugins. These plugins will augment your site’s functionality.

    This aspect of WordPress is quite impressive for enterprises as they have the command over what they wish to add on top of the basic WordPress infrastructure. They can even create their own custom code.

    However, if you are a business owner that wants to have a completely customised website, you can reach out to us. Our team of experts will not only help you in coding your WordPress site according to your requirements but will also guide you regarding the room for expansion.

  5. It is mobile friendly

    Long gone are the days when people used to browse websites only on a desktop computer. Now, people own a number of different devices on which they visit websites. You never know what device are visitors viewing your site on. Hence, while designing your site, you need to code it in a way that your visitors can have a good user experience on your site irrespective of the device they are using.

    WordPress default themes have a built-in feature of being responsive. However, it is recommended that you get your website custom coded by an expert web developer so that your site has a 100% responsive design.

    You can reach out to us for help in this regard. Our experts will come to your rescue!

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  6. It is scalable

    Another aspect of WordPress that sells well is that it is scalable. This CMS has been created using core web technologies that have inculcated an element of scalability to WordPress.

    Whether you talk about database tuning, web server optimisation, or advanced caching strategies, WordPress can scale each and every aspect with ease. That is the reason why businesses owned by sole traders as well as businesses owned by multinational corporations are all being equally benefited by WordPress.

  7. It supports multisite and multilingual functionality

    WordPress has the unique capability to support more than one site at a time. It can basically manage multiple sites simultaneously. Magical, isn’t it? Businesses need to install WordPress only once and then they can handle complex requirements through this installation single-handedly. This feature helps in saving time as well as resources. You can even add plugins that ensure multilingual functionality so that all the content on your site can easily be translated.

WordPress Community – An Ever Growing Reality

The reality of 2019 is that WordPress is THE BEST CMS of this era. Every day, more and more people are entering its fold. The number of websites powered by WordPress is growing by leaps and bounds. The humongous magnitude of this community has indeed become a reality.

So what are you waiting for?

Become a part of this humongous community and get to experience the best CMS of 2019. Your experience will be nothing less than amazing.

That’s a promise!

To further augment your experience, you can hand over this task to our team of experts. We are pro at designing custom WordPress websites for businesses. Our experts give special attention to the needs of the concerned business while designing the site. Hence, you can expect a personalised website that will stand out among the rest.

CALL US NOW to enquire about the possible options and get one-on-one advice regarding the development of your business website!

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