5 Ways Marketing Manager Can Use WordPress More Effectively

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WordPress is the fastest growing CMS platform available on the internet. Almost 40 percent of websites available on the internet are made using the WordPress platform and this number shows its stability, performance, and flexibility.

But WordPress is much more than that. It is one of the best platforms for marketers who want to grow their business or the business of their clients without any extra effort.

Let’s learn how marketers are using WordPress to get more leads.

WordPress for Marketing: How to Do It Right?

WordPress offers multiple options to marketers including customizations, addons and plugins, easy page and post-development, and the ability to add popups, CTAs to their website without the need of a developer.

A smart marketer makes use of all these elements to create more awareness about their products and drive more sales.

One thing to note here is that WordPress alone is not a marketing engine or a marketing platform. It simply offers easier integrations for marketers. They can easily integrate email marketing and page optimization plugins that make things a lot easier.

For example, let’s say you want to add upsell recommenders and exit popups on your website. With any other ecommerce platform, you would need the help of a developer to create these scripts and implement them. On WordPress, you can simply download a plugin and create exit popups with the click of a few buttons. You won’t even have to dabble with code.

Best Tips for Effective WordPress Marketing

While there are many efficient ways marketers can use WordPress, not all of them can be covered in only a single article. That’s why we are only focusing on the topmost ways to make marketing easy with WordPress. Let’s learn more about it in detail.

1. Use Popups to Improve CTR

Many free and paid plugins are available on WordPress that allows you to add popups to your website without the need of a developer. You can download most of these plugins from the WordPress plugin directory for absolutely free.

Popups are a proven way to increase the click-through rate (CTR) of your products. They also allow you to increase the upsells of your products. People who have bought a product on your store are more likely to buy another product if they see the popup or recommendation for it.

popup WordPress

2. Use Site Speed Plugins to Improve Performance

Google values performance. That’s why it has added Core Web Vitals to Google Search Console.

The core web vitals metrics target website performance. Those websites that load slower than 4 seconds are considered slow in the eyes of Google. As a result, these sites are likely to rank lower for their desired keywords.

Google performance

Site speed plugins like Nitropack and WP Rocket allow marketers to easily optimize their WordPress based websites without the need of hiring a developer.

In fact, there are numerous tutorials available on YouTube that newbies can watch and install site speed plugins.

3. Add Lead Magnets on Landing Pages

Blogs, articles, and infographics don’t generate sales, landing pages do. So, if your lead magnets are not properly set up on your landing pages, you can’t generate sales.

Thankfully, WordPress allows you to create stunning landing pages using third-party website builder plugins. Elementor, Beaver Builder, Visual Composer, Divi, and many others are page builder plugins that allow you to create landing pages with drag and drop functionality.

You also get pre-built templates in each plugin that you can use to improve the aesthetics of your website.

As a marketer, you realize that the secret of a smooth customer journey is hidden in its appealing design and visualizations. That’s what quality landing pages offer.

4. Create Lead Magnets with a Click

You do realize that lead magnets are the bread and butter of your business. If you are not sure how to add lead magnets to your website or how to set proper funnels, you won’t be able to get quality leads from your website.
With WordPress, you can easily set lead magnets with a few clicks.

Simply signup for an email marketing platform like Active Campaign or HubSpot and then install their plugin on your WordPress website.

Even if you don’t have the plugin available, you can simply copy the form code in your page/post section. It is a no-brainer and any newbie can do it without breaking the website.

lead magnet

5. Make Content Shareable

Creating content is only half of the effort. There is much more involved in making your business successful and a major part of it depends on user interest. But how can you measure user interest? That’s possible through user engagement.

When users read your content, share it on their social media pages, and link it on their blogs and websites, it means that your content is worth reading. In simple terms, it is a content marketing success.

However, people are less likely to share content on their social media feeds if they don’t see the social share icons.

On WordPress, adding these social sharing icons doesn’t require API access. Simply download a social sharing button on your WordPress website and get started sharing content with your readers. To get started, search for ‘social sharing plugins’ on the WordPress plugin directory.

Blogging Wizard

6. Improve Responsiveness with Theme Customization

Over 70 percent of people visit a website from their mobile device. Without WordPress CMS, it was difficult for non-coders to create responsive website designs that can open on their mobile phones with the same attractive design. WordPress introduced responsive website themes that are not only mobile-first but lightweight so that they can load in an instant on user smartphones.

With that said, responsiveness and customizations are two reasons marketers love to use WordPress over any other CMS platform.

7. Create Content Clusters & Long-Form Blog Posts

Marketers, organic marketers to be precise, are a fan of long-form content on blog posts and landing pages. It is because long-form content works! They can write long-form content, add images and videos, and even buttons and reviews to their pages with a few clicks on WordPress. In fact, WordPress offers plugins like Shortcode Ultimate that allows users to add buttons, tables, charts, and other creative elements to their WordPress websites within minutes.

Shortcode Ultimate Plugin directory

8. Analyze With GSC & GA

Finally, WordPress allows the insertion of code to header and footer pretty easy for even a newbie. Previously, people had to open the core files and then add code.

But with WordPress plugins like header and footer, Code insertion, and others similar, it has become a lot easier for any marketer to add code of analytics software, heatmaps, email marketing software, and even landing pages to their WordPress website.


WordPress has surely made it easier for marketing managers to attract, engage, and convert visitors from their websites. Not only this process works on just marketing blogs, but to affiliate websites, product and business websites, and even to WordPress-centric platforms.

Every marketer can easily leverage WordPress to get more done without the need to learn code.

Are you using WordPress’ full potential to your benefit? If not, get in touch with us!

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