What Does WordPress Maintenance Include?

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You must be here because you already know that WordPress maintenance is important for your website, so there is no need to convince you any further.

With that said, your second question is of course what is included in WordPress site maintenance, right?

That is the topic of this article and that is exactly what we are going to discuss today.

So, without further delay, let’s start discussing this topic in detail.

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List of Services Available in WordPress Site Maintenance Plan

Here is a list of services that you will usually find in any WordPress maintenance plan. If you are not finding all these services in the plan, then perhaps you need to switch your WordPress development agency.

  • Core Updates

The most obvious one is the core updates of your website. WordPress offers 3 to 4 major core updates every year. These are crucial for your website because they include security patches, new site designs, and regular updates. Apart from that WordPress offers regular updates every 15 days. You also need to update these on your website.

Similarly, you also get plugin and theme updates on your website every once in a while. Plugins and themes are third-party creations and don’t have a fixed timeline. But updating them on a regular basis is important for the smooth working of your website.

That being said, all WordPress maintenance plans should include core and plugin updates.

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  • Security Updates

Next, is security. Security updates are crucial for any website irrespective of the CMS it uses. WordPress has many loopholes and you can see the complete list of new loopholes found in WordPress here.

When WordPress finds a new security loophole, it releases a patch that should be updated on the website. However, not all cyber attacks occur due to security loopholes. That is why it is important to improve the overall security of your website and keep improving it through site maintenance.

During WordPress site maintenance, the experts will check if your website has 2FA installed. If there is a CDN with DDoS protection available that you can use, and if you have IP whitelisting available for admin access. These are just some of the issues that we have highlighted. WordPress security of course encompasses a lot more.

  • Better User Experience

Your users are going to come to your website through a number of channels. These can be social media channels, social bookmarking sites, search engines, and even paid advertisements that you will be running on Google, Facebook, and other places. When they arrive on your website, what is the customer journey?

During WordPress website maintenance, a good expert will run split tests to analyze how customers on your website are performing and devise the journey accordingly. This way customers will have minimum hassle in reaching their end goal. The end goal can be ordering a product, filling a form, or downloading software.

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  • Site Maintenance

Downtimes can kill your website virtually. It is important that your website is properly maintained and doesn’t have any major downtime issues.

During WordPress site maintenance, the WordPress site experts will check the site maintenance for issues like downtime, storage limitations, traffic clogging, and do a complete site audit to ensure that your website is ready for more traffic.

If there are any performance issues on the website, the WordPress expert will do the necessary to ensure that the performance issues get resolved. Of course, not all site performance issues can be resolved in single maintenance round. If the issue is grave and requires further development or customizations, the owner of the website is notified so that they can make the necessary arrangements.

  • Site Customisations

Although site customizations are not a part of WordPress maintenance plans, some agencies do offer them depending on the type of work required. Customizations like making a few tweaks to landing pages, site design, and necessary customer journey changes are accepted in WordPress maintenance plans.

WordPress maintenance experts can customize landing pages such as the placement of folds or forms on the website during routine site maintenance. However, if site owners want further changes, they can take more time and the charges depend on the type of customization required on the website.

  • Performance

Performance site optimization is a separate part of the WordPress maintenance plan. During performance optimization, WordPress experts test the website on different site speeds and testing tools to see if it works smoothly.

They also check if any recent scripts were installed on the website that can cause site related issues. If any landing pages were designed and the performance of those pages is not up to the mark, WordPress maintenance experts are tasked to fix that problem.

  • Troubleshooting & Debugging

Is your website breaking during browsing? Are people not converting into leads? WordPress maintenance experts have one important task of checking for bugs on the website.

They do a thorough review of the website from start to finish, replicating the customer journey to ensure that nothing breaks for the user when he is on your website.

  • Database Optimization

Last but not the least, WordPress websites require database optimization on a regular basis.

Why is database optimization required?

The database stores everything that is happening on your website. It will store your posts, cookies, comments, and even pingbacks. All these are bloating the storage available on your website. This can cause performance issues for your website.

So, WordPress experts make sure that your website database is cleaned and properly utilized for things that actually matter for your website.


By now you know a lot about how the process of WordPress maintenance works and why it is necessary for your website.

We all know that messy websites never work for anyone. They are ridden with alerts and error messages. No one wants to risk losing their money on a website that is ridden with such error messages. That is where routine WordPress maintenance helps.

Following a thorough WordPress website maintenance plan should be your first priority after its launch. The plan should include site backups, data cleaning, and security and performance optimizations after a set interval. This is the only way to keep your site up & running so that it can get more visitors and turn them into conversions faster.

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