10 Reasons Why WordPress Sites Get Hacked

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10 Reasons Why WordPress Sites Get Hacked

What do you think can possibly be your worst nightmare? Waking up and finding out that your business website has been hacked.

Just reading that gave you goosebumps, didn’t it? Now, just imagine how horrible it would be to experience it in real life!

It takes years of hard work and lots of financial resources to make a website go live, and it takes only a few minutes for a hacker to spoil it all. A website is an extremely crucial asset of any and every business. It has several important details. If someone gets access to your business website’s credentials, it means they have got direct access to your visitors as well as potential customers. They can then do whatever they wish to with that access. In most cases, whatever the hackers do is not desirable at all.

Once a website has been hacked, it requires a lot of effort to recover it. Cleaning the mess made by hackers is not an easy task at all. That is why it is highly recommended that you identify the reasons which make your website vulnerable to hacking attacks and try your best to avoid them, or get a team of experts from WP Creative on your side to do it for you!

Here we have identified for you the top 10 reasons why WordPress websites get hacked:

Reason 1: Not choosing a secure web hosting service provider

If you are planning to launch your WordPress website, you need to opt for a web hosting service provider. In most cases, people end up choosing a web hosting service provider that does not have a properly secured hosting platform. This makes their business website vulnerable to hacking attempts.

Preventing your website from getting hacked is an achievable task. You can simply make your website less vulnerable to such attacks by choosing a safe and secure web hosting service provider. In case you have no idea about which one to choose, you can have a look at this guide on best WordPress hosting.

When it comes to web hosting, you have two options; you can either choose shared WordPress hosting or opt for managed WordPress hosting. We highly recommend our clients to go for managed WordPress hosting. It is surely more expensive than shared WordPress hosting, but it is more safe and secure!

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Reason 2: Having weak passwords

Passwords are to your website what keys are to the locks. No one can access your website until or unless they have your passwords. Just like no one can open the lock without the key. You should have a unique as well as different password for all your accounts including:

  • WordPress admin account
  • Web hosting control panel account
  • FTP accounts
  • MySQL database
  • Email accounts associated with WordPress admin

All the above-mentioned accounts are protected by passwords. If you use weak passwords, it becomes easier for hackers to figure them out using various hacking techniques. Therefore, we highly recommend you to have strong and unique passwords for all your accounts. This way you can keep the hackers at an arm’s length from your website.

You can have a look at the guide for managing passwords. If after going through the guide, you feel that it is too much for you to digest, do not worry.

You can hand over your WordPress website’s security to us and will take great care of it!

Reason 3: Unprotected access to WordPress admin

The WordPress admin area is an extremely significant place on your WordPress dashboard. A person who has access to this area can do a number of different things to your WordPress website. It is, therefore, also the most frequently attacked area of your WordPress website.

Leaving this area unprotected can have severe repercussions for your website’s safety and security. Hackers get a free hand to try various techniques to mess up your website. However, you can easily deter the hackers by adding various forms of authentication to your WordPress admin directory.

Your first layer of authentication should include protecting your WordPress admin area with a password. This will further secure your website as anyone who would try to access your admin area would have to provide an additional password. Until or unless that extra password is provided, no one can access the admin area.

If your website has more than one user or admin, you can ensure its security by having strong passwords for all the users. You can even make use of two-factor authentication to make it more troublesome for hackers to access your admin area.

Reason 4: Incorrect file permission

File permissions simply refer to rules that are used by your web server. These rules govern access to the files on your website. If your website has incorrect file permission, hackers can easily invade the files. They can then edit, change as well as delete these files at their own discretion.

You should check your file permission and see if they have the desired number or not. All WordPress files’ permission should be set to the value of 644. On the other hand, file permission of your WordPress website should be set to 755.

If you think all this information is mind-boggling, COMMENT BELOW and we will come to your rescue. Our experts have been fixing WordPress problems for quite some time. Hence, you won’t be disappointed.

That is a promise!

Reason 5: Not keeping your WordPress website updated

People often think that developing a WordPress website is a one time process. You just need to get a WordPress website designed once and then you can relax for years to come. This perception is totally deceptive.

Developing a WordPress website is not a one-time-job. It requires constant upgrading. You need to keep updating your WordPress website from time to time in order to keep it alive.

Each and every WordPress update improves your website’s security and safety. If you are sceptical about an update, create your website’s backup before updating your website. This way you can play around safely!

Our client’s do not need to worry about such petty things. We do such tasks on our clients’ behalf so that they can focus on their core business practices. If you wish to have the same leverage, grab your phone and give us a call NOW!

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Reason 6: Not keeping plugins updated

Just keeping your WordPress software updated is not enough. Way more efforts are required to keep the website running smoothly. You also need to update your plugins. In case you are using outdated plugins, your website will become vulnerable to hacking attacks.

The reason is that WordPress plugins are not without any flaws. At times developers later realise the loopholes left in the plugin. Once the plugin has been rolled out, the only way to fix up these loopholes is through regular updates.

Hence, do not make the silly mistake of ignoring WordPress plugin updates.

Note that down!

Reason 7: Choosing FTP instead of SFTP/SSH

It is through FTP accounts that files are uploaded using an FTP client. Almost all hosting providers support FTP connections through the usage of different protocols. Therefore, FTP, SFTP, and SSH can also be used.

However, you need to understand the hidden technicalities. If you are using plain FTP to connect to your website, there lies a great danger. Your password that is sent to the server is unencrypted. This means it can easily be stolen and misused. Therefore, it is highly recommended that you avoid using FTP. Instead, you should prefer to use SFTP or SSH.

In order to implement this change, you are not required to change your FTP client. Your existing FTP client can switch your website to SFTP or SSH, whichever option you find to be more desirable!

Reason 8: Using ‘admin’ as your WordPress username

By default, WordPress username is set to ‘admin’. However, if you continue to use the same username, then you are making a serious mistake. You should change your username as soon as possible.

Websites that have ‘admin’ as their username are vulnerable to hacking attacks. They can be attacked at any time by hackers. Hence, your username should be decided by you yourself so that your website can remain safe and secure.

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Reason 9: Testing random themes and plugins

In a competitive corporate environment where businesses are already trying hard to make their ends meet, there is nothing more tempting than free themes and plugins. The internet is filled with such free stuff but, as they say, “there is no free lunch in business”. These free themes and plugins are harmful to your website. Therefore, you should avoid enjoying such free stuff!

We always recommend our clients to opt for customised business websites. They are unique, aesthetic, and secure. Our team has mastered the art of customising websites according to the client’s requirements.

If you want a custom-designed website, you can BOOK AN APPOINTMENT and get a chance to discuss your website idea with our experts!

Reason 10: Not changing the WordPress table prefix

WordPress, by default, uses the prefix wp_ for the tables that are created in your website’s database. Experts in the field recommend that this default prefix should immediately be changed. Sticking with this prefix can prove to be hazardous for your website’s security.

You should ideally use a prefix that is a bit complicated. Doing so will make it difficult for hackers to guess the name of your tables.


When it comes to your website’s security, prevention is better than cure!

It costs way more to recover a hacked website than it does to protect a website from potential hacking attacks.

Our years of experience has taught us much about shielding websites from hackers. If you want your website to benefit from our vast experience, GIVE US A CALL NOW!


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