Gallery WordPress Plugins – 4 Plugins you should be using

by WP Creative on 2016 February | Posted in Wordpress Plugin

best wordpress gallery plugins

I guess you are familiar with Content Management System WordPress. Almost every blog and website is developed and updated with this influential CMS. It is one of the desired CMS by most of the business proprietors. You can also get help from WordPress designer and developer to develop the site they can offer you a beautiful interface to make your site attractive and user-friendly.

To add more functionality to the WordPress site, there are lots of plugins available. If you want WordPress gallery plugins for your site and tired of visiting lots of WordPress gallery plugins to find out the best one, then reading this article will make your task easy to get an idea on the best Gallery WordPress plugins which make your site more attractive.

Now, let us go through the best WordPress Gallery Plugins:

NextGEN Gallery

With more than 13 million downloads, NextGEN is the most well-liked plugins available on the web. This plugin appears with a massive number of features together with visual effects, which allows managing the whole thing from central locations and moving an image in the galleries conveniently.

You can also use watermark functions which allow adding a watermark to the image. This is one of the influential features that let you protect your multimedia contents. Galleries are exhibited in two layouts that are thumbnails and slideshow.

Once you install NextGEN gallery, you will get a new box show up within the dashboard known as Gallery. Additionally, the plugin gives the most influential engine to upload and manage galleries of images with the capability to batch upload, import Metadata, add/ delete/sort/rearrange image, update and modify thumbnails and many others.

NextGen gallery

Lazyest gallery

Lazyest is WordPress gallery plugin that holds simple and easy solution compared to NextGEN. This gallery plugin mostly requires two settings that are the image directory and gallery page. It automatically develops a photo gallery with the folder, sub-folder, thumbnail page and slide show.

Furthermore, it carries out different types of works mechanically which will allow you to concentrate on other things. This plugin also benefits you by arranging your photos as per your wish and take care of various additional details as you prefer. It also integrates seamlessly with other additional plugins namely Lazyest slides and Lazyest widgets.

Lazyest gallery

Envira Gallery

Envira Gallery pursues and holds the WordPress best practices as well as coding standards. This plugin offers a user interface that seamlessly blends within your WordPress admin part. To develop a fresh gallery is alike to develop a new post in CMS WordPress which can be very good experience for new users as well.

While creating a gallery using the WordPress gallery plugin, you can instantly publish the shortcode which you can employ adding the gallery with any WordPress page. This plugin also helps to add the button beside the media upload button on the top of the post editor which can be utilised instantly adding any gallery within the page. Additionally, it demonstrates the templates which can be used within the WordPress templates as well.


Foo Gallery

WordPress gallery plugin Foo contains the approaches related to Envira Gallery. This plugin helps to create a photo gallery with an easy interface that looks similar to CMS WordPress. It also makes your site attractive adding a button above the post editor to make it very simple for adding gallery within the page as per your wish. Additionally, it does not demonstrate the template tags to place the gallery within the theme folders.

Foo Gallery

To Wrap Up,

Almost every business owner wants to build their website using CMS WordPress. Different types of themes and plugins have made WordPress solution more beautiful and usable. These are some best WordPress Gallery plugins which you need to use to make your WordPress site more effective.

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