How to Choose a White Label Web Development Partner?

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White label

What would you do if you want to start a digital agency but don’t have the resources or the talent available to support you with website design and development? The best way to go about is to hire a white label web development partner.

It is just like partnering with a manufacturer and reselling their products to a wider audience. If you are still unsure how the whole concept of white label web development works, read the whole article.

What is White Label Web Development?

A white label web development service creates websites without endorsing them as its own. In simple terms, a white label web development service is like ghostwriting for publications without ever mentioning that those write-ups were by you.

Just like that, a white label web development service will create websites for another agency. This second agency has multiple clients that are looking for web development services but it doesn’t have the expertise available.

So, it will hire the white label web development service and get those websites developed. It will pay for the services of the white label website development agency and charge the clients for the same while keeping a margin or commission for itself.

White Label

The best way to understand white label web development is through this image.

A local business is the end customer. It is looking to create a customized website.

Agency B is offering the services of customized website development. However, agency B doesn’t have its own developers. In fact, it is just a single marketer that has registered an agency. That marketer promotes the services of its agency.

The Local Business lands on one of its services of customized development and orders them.

Now, Agency B will send an order to Agency A, which has a team of developers, to design the website for the local business.

Agency A develops the website and delivers it to Agency B.

After receiving the deliverable, Agency B brands the website as its own product and delivers it to the client.
It is a win-win for all. Why?

Because Agency A can’t market itself/or may not have the time to market itself.

Agency B doesn’t have the resources but still gets the project through its marketing. It delivers the order with the help of Agency A and therefore both earn a commission.

Local Business is happy because it gets the website developed that it always wanted. So, all end up happy.

How to Search for White Label Web Development Service?

There are numerous white label web development services available in the market. When searching for the right white label web development service, look for:

  • The reviews of each white label website developer on Google Local Search and their websites or B2B rating websites
  • See the portfolio of white label website developers and their most complex projects. This will give you an idea about the scope of the work of various development agencies.
  • Check out their pricing packages and compare them. Almost all white label website development services have negotiable prices. So, don’t settle for the first offer that comes your way.
  • Interview the white label web developers and ask them questions regarding their processes, the revision process, team coordination, client handling, and to and fro communication. When you ask them questions related to their nature of work, you will get to know the agency better.

Hiring Your White Label Web Development Partner

Once you have shortlisted a few web development partners, now comes the tough part.

1. Setting Expectations from the Start

Make sure that you set the right expectations from the start. If you require updates on a regular basis regarding your project, tell it to the agency straightforward. Ask them if they assign a dedicated account manager for their clients, if not how does the process work.

Set the right expectations from the start so that the development agency knows that you mean business. If they are not serious about their work, they won’t get more work from your side.

2. Get Familiar With the Processes

Before ordering a project, get yourself familiar with the processes of the white label web development partner. This will give you an idea about the turnaround time and completion of each project. It will help you later in setting a realistic project completion deadline for your clients.

The best way to familiarize yourself is to have a demo call with the development partners. Take their interviews and ask them questions related to their work ethics.

3. Give a Test Project

Now that you have familiarized yourself with your web development partner, it is time to test their technical expertise. So, give the white label development agency a test project to work on. Make sure that the project is small so that you can see how the whole process of working with your website development agency works.

4. Set Milestones and Regular Project Reviews

Set milestones for the completion of the project and ask the project manager for regular updates. If the company uses any project management software, then ask them to add you as the client so that you stay updated about the progress of your system.

Setting realistic milestones from the very start will not only save your money, but it will also ensure that you get work done faster.

5. Feedback on First Project

Once the project is complete, provide comprehensive feedback to the white development partner. This feedback should include what things you liked about their work, what things you didn’t like about their work, and what things can be improved.

See what they say about the feedback. Most agencies will be willing to improve the way they work.

6. Decide Future Plan

Once the first project is complete, analyze it again. See if the white label development agency has left anything out of the project. Ask them for proper revisions so that they can complete the work properly.

Now that you have seen the project, decide whether you want to hire the white label development agency or look for another one.

You can also test the development agency by offering it a second project – but this one is not mandatory.

7. Repeat

Now you have boarded the white label development agency, it is time to repeat the same process. Simply give the white label web development agency more projects to work on. This will help you know what types of projects the web development agency works on and their complete process from ideation to completion.

If you are satisfied with the white label web development agency, then you can hire them for more projects. Or, if you are not satisfied with the development agency, you can simply repeat the whole process and find a development agency that works for you.

Start Your Search for White Label Web Development Partner

It is time to search for a suitable white label development partner that can offer you the best value for the money. If you are uncertain about where to start your search for white label web development partner, then you can get help from our WordPress development experts.

We offer fully white-label a customized web development solutions. Get in touch to know more about our services and plans.

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