How To Secure WordPress Login Page?

by WP Creative on 2015 December | Posted in WordPress

wp security for login page

Your WordPress site holds an important data and information about your company. The loss of these data and information may bring a big problem and harm to your business, so you need to take safety measures to protect them. In order to protect your WordPress site, you need to secure WordPress login page. Protecting your login page cannot be achieved by a particular method; however, there are definitely some steps which you need to carry out to provide complete security to your site. Through this article, we will describe different ways to secure your WordPress login page. Login page of your WordPress site is definitely the most important page on your site and you need to make it more secure.

For your easiness, here are some of the ways to secure WordPress Login Page:

Utilise strong username and password

Brute force Login page is the most familiar type of web attack that your site may face. When you include the password and username that can be easily memorised and guessed then your WordPress site will definitely become the victim. So you need to utilise strong username and password which cannot be guessed easily. You can also employ some security plugin which implements strong passwords for all the users.

Do not make Login Page and wp-admin page visible

Hackers want to discover your login page when they plan to brute force the login page to acquire access to your page. You can stop this by using some call security via obscurity which does not make your Login page visible and hackers might find difficult to enter and access your login page.  Alike login page, you can find the wp-admin directory which should be protected as well. This can be easily done with two plugins namely WPS Hide Login and Protect Your Admin.

Secure Socket Layer (SSL)

SSL refers to the additional layer of security that makes the information that you send and receive within your browser unreadable. If an individual tries to intercept the data or information, they won’t be able to acquire it and break the security of your site.  SSL is mostly employed for financial transaction portals and at the time when sensitive information is shared. Web sites include different types of information about the company and user, SSL help to keep them safe. Moreover, it also performs on the Login page providing more protection on the browser to server communication procedure.

You can purchase SSL certification from your web host or acquire it without any charge together with the central shared hosting arrangements. When you purchase SSL certification, really simple SSL and WP force SSL will be helpful for setting up SSL on your online presence.

Limitation on the Login Attempts

Limitation on the Login Attempts is one of the simplest ways to stop brute force attacks within your login page. Since a brute force attack performs trying to acquire your username and password with numerous arrangements again and again. When a specific IP that is carrying out the attack is tracked, then you are able to block out the repetitive brute force attempt keeping your Website protected.

To Wrap Up,

When your WordPress website develops, you may be the victim of loss of data and information due to undesired access towards your online presence. Thus, following the above points properly will definitely help you to stay away from those attacks and make your WordPress site secure.

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