Six Reasons Why You Should Invest In Website Maintenance

by WP Creative on 2020 April | Posted in WordPress, WordPress Security

Six Reasons Why You Should Invest In Website Maintenance

Most businesses assume that their responsibility ends with the creation and development of the website. Only a few realise that merely designing a website is not enough. A lot more needs to be done if you want your business to benefit from your website.

Just like getting a house built is not enough; getting a website designed is not enough either. If you want your house to remain in good condition, you need to maintain it regularly. Similar is the case with business websites. Regular maintenance is the key!

If you have chosen WordPress as your CMS, then there is no way you can hide away from regular maintenance, without facing any negative consequence.

Six reasons why you should invest in website maintenance are:

1.    Your website is important for your business.

It wouldn’t be incorrect to say that your website is the face of your business. People who will visit your business website will judge your business according to the quality of your website. It helps tremendously in shaping your brand image.

If you visit a website and find it really hard to navigate through it, what would you do?

Obviously, you will exit that website and instead visit the website of a competing business that is easier to navigate.

Yes, that is how businesses end up losing potential customers if their business website has not been functioning properly!

When you are in the habit of regularly maintaining your business website, you can manage to avoid all these pitfalls. Once you manage to avoid all these possible pitfalls, your website is very likely to help your business grow.

We do realize that regularly engaging in website maintenance is not an easy task. Businesses simply do not have the time to do so. If you are in a similar scenario, do not worry!

WP Creative offers WordPress support services, which include regular website maintenance. To make things easier, you can hand over the task of website maintenance to us, and we assure you that our service won’t disappoint you!

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2.    Your website can help your business grow.

Websites are one of the most important media through which you can gain or lose customers. Your business website needs to keep customers engaged. Or else you might lose a lot of potential customers.

One way of doing so is by regularly maintaining and updating your website. If your website has the same content for years, then it is very likely that customers will lose interest. After all, who likes to read the same thing over and over again?

Of course, no one!

Hence, if you get into the habit of regularly maintaining your website, you can avoid the risk of losing customers. In fact, your conversion rate is likely to increase, and your customer base might widen. Resultantly, your business will grow by leaps and bounds.

That is why we highly recommend all our clients to get a website maintenance plan designed. After all, it is essential for your business growth!

3.    Regular security updates help keep your website safe and secure

You might have noticed that most website development platforms are open source. This means that their coding is accessible to anyone and everyone around the world. The same is the case with WordPress. It is also an open-source website development forum.

Being an open-source forum has its own set of advantages as well as disadvantages. Such forums help in creating large communities. They also offer a number of plugins that can be used to augment the functionality of existing websites. However, the pitfall of these open source web development forums is that they are more vulnerable to security breaches.

If your website is powered by WordPress, it is more vulnerable to hacking attacks. Therefore, it is in your business’s best interest to create multiple back-ups and regularly do the security updates. This will help in preventing your website from hacking attacks.

4.    Regular maintenance adds value to your website

One of the reasons why we highly recommend investing in website maintenance is that it adds value to your business website. When your business website is regularly reviewed by an expert, the chances of figuring out the loopholes are higher. Once you get to know what is wrong with your website, you can fix it immediately.

Moreover, if an expert is reviewing your website, he/she will also keep on updating the graphics and the content. This will further improve the quality of your website and add value to it.

If you are looking forward to adding value to your website, feel free to reach out to us!

5.    WordPress themes and plugins are constantly being updated

Technological tools are constantly evolving. They are on a journey towards improvement, and they are not stopping anytime soon. The same is the case with WordPress themes and plugins. Changes are being made in existing WordPress themes and plugins every now and then.

It is essential to keep your WordPress themes and plugins updated if you want to optimize your website performance. Only those websites that have optimized performance get a high search engine ranking. Hence, regularly updating your WordPress website also has utility for SEO.

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6.    Speed optimisation is ensured when the website is regularly updated

In today’s fast-paced world, do you really think anyone has the time to waste on a website that doesn’t have an optimum speed?

Of course not!

No one has the time to waste on websites that have a slow speed. Visitors literally run away from websites that do not load fast enough. Especially when they have numerous other options available. According to a study, 40% of online shoppers will not wait longer than 3 minutes before exiting a website. This figure is huge and can mean a serious loss to a business that does not have a fast website speed.

If you wish to avoid any such loss, start regularly updating your WordPress website now!!!


Whenever a business has to invest in something, the first question that arises is, “Is this investment worth making?”

We can only answer this question for website maintenance. It is certainly worth investing in website maintenance. Every penny spent on website maintenance is worth spending. Hence, do not overthink it and get your web maintenance plan designed today.

Our experts at WP Creative have been in the practice of designing a web maintenance plan for our clients for years. We provide a number of website support and maintenance services, and website maintenance is one of them.

Our website maintenance services include:

  • Monthly updates of WordPress core, themes, and plugins.
  • Phone and email support.
  • Security check and monitor performance from time to time.
  • Monitoring your website’s functionality to ensure that everything is working.
  • Scheduled off-site backups (stored for 30 days).
  • Spam filtering and cleansing.
  • Database optimization.
  • Find and fix 404 errors and broken links.
  • Help with support tasks such as quick fixes, change requests, content updates, improve performance, etc.

If you wish to avail any of these services, see our maintenance package here or get in touch with our representative for more details!

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