7 Powerful WordPress Analytics Plugins for Your Website

by WP Creative on 2017 May | Posted in Wordpress Plugin

7 Powerful WordPress Analytics Plugins for Your Website

You must have heard about the web analytics tools like Google AnalyticsKissemetrics, Woopra and others.

Generally, many people think the analytics tools are used to track the web traffic. However, there are many other useful tasks such as measuring the user preferences & behaviour, market research and effectiveness of the campaign they perform.  Eventually, this data will cater to take the right decision for a business.

To cut down the extra effort of web analysis, WordPress brings Analytics Plugins. Synthesising WordPress with WordPress Analytics Plugins will give the powerful insights of the website and web traffic.

What are the best analytics plugins for WordPress? Let’s get into the list.

Google Analytics for WordPress by MonsterInsights


Google Analytics for WordPress is the powerful and an open source analytics plugin by MonsterInsights. It works only with self-hosted WordPress website. It’ll connect your website with Google Analytics using advanced tracking code and presents analytic reports on your Dashboard.

With the study of analytic reports, it’ll be easy to track the behaviour and taste of the visitors in a real time. This plugin follows easy steps for a quick setup. The user can visualise the most popular blog and author of the website.

Other features of Google Analytics for WordPress are:

  • Offers universal tracking codes
  • Track the performance of the website and control the marketing strategy to gain more traffic
  • Provides other tracking services like referral tracking, link tracking, custom post tracking and CTA (Call To Action) tracking with Google Analytics
  • Enhance eCommerce tracking system and Ad tracking system for the website using WooCommerce and Easy Downloads

Google Analytics Dashboard for WP

Google Analytics Dashboard for WP is the popular and free analytics plugin for WordPress with more than 1million active installs. It also connects with Google Analytics using the latest Google Analytics tracking codes.

Like Google Analytics by MonsterInsights, it also offers Google stat reports on the Dashboard. The user can view the real-time data of organic traffic stats, bounce rate, keyword hit, page view, 404 errors analytics stat and much more.

Other key features of Google Analytics Dashboard include:

  • Enables tracking of events like download, email, telephone, affiliate links, etc.
  • Offers universal tracking codes
  • AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) support and eCommerce support for Google Analytics
  • Manage Google Tracking for author, publish date, tags and categories

Jetpack by WordPress.com


Jetpack is another great WordPress Plugins which provides free security services like malware and brute force attack protection, mobile optimisation and automatic social sharing services. Its premium package includes advanced SEO tools and advertising program.

As the analytics plugin, it offers the following features:

  • Get sneak peek of web traffic with options like where are the visitors coming from, what are the popular posts, which are the top posts?
  • Full access to the statistical reports
  • Track the visitors regarding the country/region, time, referrals and highly clicked content
  • Use of smiley alert feature for the analytic tool

Google Analytics WD


Google Analytics WD is the user-friendly WordPress analysis tool which provides in-depth reporting of the entire website performance. After the successful installation of this plugin and performing user authentication, the Google tracking code will get added to the website which accesses the user to view full stat in the Dashboard. The user can view the report in charts and export it in either CSV or PSD format.

Major features of Google Analytics WD are:

  • Real Time tracking based on the no. of audiences, behaviour, locations, events, speed, popular posts etc.
  • Enable Cross Domain Tracking and Enhanced Link Attribution to track links
  • Used for tracking marketing campaign, page views, keywords, visit time duration, hits and others
  • Mobile-friendly plugins also features eCommerce tracking of transactions, sales performance and product details

Google Analytics


Google Analytics is another WordPress Analytics Plugin to introduce hassle free platform for analysing the performance of the website. It also adds an Analytic screen to the Dashboard and aids to track the entire website in just a one-click.

The main features of Google Analytics include:

  • Trending Content Feature exhibits the most popular posts
  • Notification Alert feature sends new alert via email or slack
  • Allow tracking pure visitors, excluding different user of the website
  • Offers tracking of web traffic, page click rate, page view, page per session and bounce rate

WP Statistics

WP Statistics is the WordPress plugin for analysing the web traffic and overall performance of the website with simple instruction. It provides traffic data depending on the action over the website. Like other plugins, it also presents data visualisation in the user admin interface.

The key features of WP Statistics are:

  • Tracking based on GeoLocation, online users, browser version, search keywords, etc.
  • Set the access level of traffic view based on WordPress role
  • Reporting of latest statistics via Email
  • Automatic updates of database and export of data in formats like XML, CSV and TSV


WP-Piwik is another powerful WordPress Analytics Plugin which uses PIWIK API to showcase the statistics in a Dashboard. It supports tracking multiple sites with the use of Piwik tracking code. This plugin require Piwik API so it requires either Piwik setup or self-hosted/cloud-hosted website.

The key features of WP-Piwik include:

  • Instead of Google tracking code, it uses the Piwik tracking code
  • Easy to track eCommerce functionality of the website

Wrap Up

These are the best Analytics plugins for a WordPress website. Since most of them only support self-hosted website so it is better to migrate your free-hosted into self-hosted and access the full functionality of analytic tool in the admin dashboard.

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